Below are designs that JahRoc have been commissioned to design and make for a customer. Gary has worked closely with the customer who sometimes gives very specific criteria of what they want, or they may give a broad overview and then tell Gary to “use your creativity” for the rest. Whichever way it comes about, the end product is always a unique and special piece of furniture which the customer is very proud to own.

  • Crown Resorts Sydney 4.4m Table

  • 10ft Gun Hollow Balsa Wooden Surfboard

  • Dance Designer Mobile Storage Trolley

  • Sunburst Round Coffee Table

  • Grandeur Upholstered Wooden Bedhead

    $9,770.00 PURCHASE
  • Sunburst Round Bedside Cabinet

  • Tex Huon Pine & Sheoak Dining Table

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  • Flow Entry Bench Seat

  • Resource Capital Funds Meeting Coffee Table

  • Resource Capital Funds Executive Desk

  • Passel Estate Corner Wine Display Shelves

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  • Lagoon Coffee Table with Art Glass

  • Passel Estate Wine Bar Table

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  • Passel Estate Wine Barrel Bar Table

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  • Designer Guitar Wall Hanger

  • Dolphin Timber Guitar Stand

  • Marri Single Slab Dining Table

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  • Marri Burl Kitchen Table

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  • Modern Jarrah Sleigh Bed

  • Shinju Contemporary Sideboard

    SOLD - one off
  • Designer Timber Guitar Stand

  • Tan Marri Slab Office Desk

  • Sue’s Chaise Lounge

    $11,950.00 PURCHASE
  • Duxton Hotel Funky Lounge

  • Burswood Outdoor Table

  • Sleigh Bed

  • Sale

    Spock Designer Timber Office Chair

    Original price was: $8,400.00.Current price is: $6,400.00. PURCHASE
  • Jarrah Burl Wine Bar

  • Auctioneer Hammer and Gavel in Jarrah

  • JahRoc Furnish True North Ashore



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