The “Baby Fallen Giant” range of furniture features a unique edging detail that Gary Bennett designed many years ago. A sculptural hand finished edge gives the top a thinner and lighter feel, and almost looks like it is floating. This edge could also represent a wave in the ocean. Usually sitting on a light organically designed base, the BFG collection would suit any decor. Like all JahRoc Furniture, the BFG design can be made in Jarrah or Marri timbers and custom made to order in any size or design variation.

  • Tex BFG Design Wine Rack

    $2,990.00 PURCHASE
  • Tex BFG Marri Dining Table

    $9,900.00 PURCHASE
  • Tex 3m Blackbutt Dining Table

  • Tex Marri Hall Table

  • Spock Marri Sideboard

  • Tex BFG Jarrah Dining Table

  • Spock Wooden Bench Seat

  • Baby Fallen Giant Marri Dining Table

  • Natural Edge Jarrah Sideboard

  • Spock Modern Sideboard

  • Dance Marri Buffet

  • BFG Marri Sidetable

  • Spock Jarrah Writing Table

  • Spock Jarrah Desk

  • BFG Square Marri Dining Table

  • Spock Modern Dining Table

    $12,900.00 PURCHASE
  • Natural Edge Coffee Table

  • Baby Fallen Giant Dining Table

  • BFG Marri TV Unit 4 Draws

  • BFG Marri Stereo Unit with open shelves

  • BFG Timber Audio Visual Unit



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