JahRoc Furniture In Stock Now

Browse below for JahRoc Furniture pieces that are in stock and ready for immediate purchase and delivery.

Note: We have marked down the prices on some recognisable favourite designs, and are offering some great deals on these pieces as we currently don’t have enough room for display.


If you cannot find what you are looking for amongst this collection then please browse our full range of designer furniture here and we will custom make a piece to order.

  • Hump Back Bench

    $25,000.00 PURCHASE
  • Cray Jarrah Lounge Chair – Marri in Tahini

    $3,800.00 PURCHASE
  • Bremer Dining Chair in Yellow

    $1,890.00 PURCHASE
  • Tex BFG Design Wine Rack

    $2,990.00 PURCHASE
  • Tex BFG Marri Dining Table

    $9,900.00 PURCHASE
  • Origami Folded Marri Coffee Table

    $3,750.00 PURCHASE
  • Roo Silhouette Rocking Chair

    $11,850.00 PURCHASE
  • 8’6″ Malibu Coffee Table

    $6,750.00 PURCHASE
  • Sale

    Mangrove Chaise Lounge – Castellani Velvet

    Original price was: $8,900.00.Current price is: $6,900.00. PURCHASE
  • Stirling Extension Dining Table

    $14,500.00 PURCHASE
  • Round Top Ebonised Bar Stool

  • Sale

    The Edge 47 Burl Coffee Table

    Original price was: $4,500.00.Current price is: $3,000.00. PURCHASE
  • Bremer Upholstered Dining Chair

    $1,890.00 PURCHASE
  • Murchison Marri Bar Stool

  • Stockman Timber Bar Stool

    $1,650.00 PURCHASE
  • Dry Reef Marri Dining Table

    $8,950.00 PURCHASE
  • 9′ Solid Jarrah Gun Surfboard

    $35,000.00 PURCHASE
  • Filigree Marri Bar Stool

  • Sale

    The Block Jarrah Sidetable

    Original price was: $5,850.00.Current price is: $4,500.00. PURCHASE
  • Pyramid Marri Plinth

    $1,650.00 PURCHASE
  • Sale

    Silhouette Chaise Lounge

    Original price was: $8,400.00.Current price is: $6,700.00. PURCHASE
  • Silhouette Lounge Chair

    $4,240.00 PURCHASE
  • Silhouette Ottoman

    $1,970.00 PURCHASE
  • Sue’s Chaise Lounge

    $11,950.00 PURCHASE
  • Returning Images Cheval Mirror

    $5,400.00 PURCHASE
  • Murchison Dining Chair Large Square Back

  • Sale

    Spock Designer Timber Office Chair

    Original price was: $8,400.00.Current price is: $6,400.00. PURCHASE
  • Filigree Dance Dining Chair

    $1,860.00 PURCHASE


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