Metamorphosis Exhibition Opening Night Speeches

Metamorphosis Exhibition Opening Night 7

“Metamorphosis” exhibition was celebrated in style at JahRoc Galleries on the 27th December 2019. Exhibiting for the first time together, mother and son duo: Ingrid Windram and Josh Windram were in great spirits as a room full of friends, family and collectors gathered to enjoy the breathtaking collection of new paintings.

Family friend, fellow artist and colleague Helen Norton delivered an insightful speech touching on the difficult times this family has faced in the past and how they managed to turn it around and move on. Using art as therapy, both Ingrid and Josh have been able to heal their own personal trauma which has opened up exciting artistic channels.

This exhibition is about the metamorphic transition that each artist has gone through in recent years, Ingrid as a well recognised established artist, and Josh as an emerging artist.

The crowd enjoyed angelic music by JUNI, and fine wine by Swings and Roundabouts, and put out some great questions during the Q&A session.

Video – Opening Speeches – 23 minutes

Watch the 23 minute full version of the speeches here…

Video – Highlights of Opening Speeches – 4 minutes