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"Metamorphosis" Exhibition Ingrid Windram & Josh Windram 27th December

“Metamorphosis” Exhibition Ingrid Windram & Josh Windram 27th December

Metamorphosis is the title of Ingrid Windram and Josh Windram’s upcoming exhibition. It is about a transformational journey at a time in life that was met with great challenges. A reinvention of self gives rise to this new body of work that captures the true essence of each artist’s creative spirit.

“Metamorphosis” by


27th December



Enjoy Fine Wine & Live Music. All welcome.

Artists will be present.

Josh Windram, from a young age, was an outgoing, fun, life of the party person. For a number of years, he worked as a talented framer for his family’s framing and art gallery business. Josh’s personality naturally led him to more good times and, ultimately, substance abuse. When at rock bottom Josh realised the need to get out of the dark place that he was in and made the decision to change. He was introduced to art as a way of therapy and a way for him to release his unresolved issues and pain without having to talk about them.

For Josh, his transformational journey began when he realised how healing it was to put paint to canvas, and this cathartic process helped to reveal his path forward as an artist. It was an unexpected but welcome bonus when the public started embracing his work. Josh’s abstract paintings are textural, and often luminous, with a strong sense of home represented in each piece.

Ingrid Windram has forged a strong career as a professional artist. In 1992, she moved to the Kimberley region of WA where she immersed herself in its vibrant and vastly inspirational landscape. Her work reflects the essence of her surroundings, however during this period of darkness the influence of her son’s addiction facilitated the metamorphism and emerged as a theraputic process. In her mind, she waited for the storm to pass never giving up hope.

Ingrid now spends her time between Perth and the Margaret River region where she shares her art studio with son Josh.

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