The Finest Marri and Jarrah Furniture plus Collectible Art for Perth, Australia and worldwide customers can be found at JahRoc Galleries located on the main street of Margaret River, South West of Perth, Western Australia.

JahRoc Galleries sell unique Australian hardwood furniture custom made and designed locally by award winning JahRoc Fine Furniture along with an impressive collection of contemporary art by Australian leading artists, both in their galleries and their online shop. This world class Modern Art Gallery exhibits Fine Artworks, Paintings, Art Glass, Sculpture, Ceramic, Jewellery and Fine Wood that sit alongside their designer Marri Furniture and Jarrah Furniture so the viewer can imagine how the whole setting could look in their own home.

Take your time perusing JahRoc Galleries Online Shop and enjoy the ease of buying artwork online through their secure online payment gateway using your credit card or choose the direct bank transfer option. ENJOY!



Designer Furniture

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Fine Art

Fine Art1085

  • Retro Entry Table In Marri Timber

  • Owl Eyes Marri Sidetable

  • Michelle Bolitho – Beauty Masks

    $1,590.00 Purchase
  • Michelle Bolitho – Magnolia Surf

    $1,590.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Silver Linings

    $5,500.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Yeagerup Storm

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Contos From Above

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • James Price – Mamas Vase

    $1,950.00 Purchase
  • James Price – Your Window, The Night

    $1,950.00 Purchase
  • James Price – The Bevy

    $1,950.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Natalie Scholtz – The Sat Girl

    SOLD Read more
  • Natalie Scholtz – Anonymous Landscape

    $1,600.00 Purchase
  • Harry Moores – Woman In Peace

    $5,000.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Harry Moores – Woman At The Window

    SOLD Read more
  • Greg James – Indian Runner Duck #4

    $3,600.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Joe Webster – Distracted By A Damselfly

    SOLD Read more
  • Alice Linford Forte – Rapture

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Winter Dance

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Leeuwin Current

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • Peter Scott – A Quiet Day On The Bay

    $4,000.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Alan Meyburgh – Black Cockatoos In Formation – Wall Mounted

    $2,200.00 Read more
  • Out of stock

    Sam Broadhurst – Of The Sea

    SOLD Read more
  • Sam Broadhurst – The Cove

    $1,900.00 Purchase
  • Sam Broadhurst – Roadside

    $1,890.00 Purchase
  • Sam Broadhurst – Endless Sea

    $1,390.00 Purchase
  • Sam Broadhurst – Cape Near Margaret River

    $1,190.00 Purchase
  • Joe Webster – Light Inbetween Sycamore Shards

    $2,150.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Joe Webster – Old Walls Beech

    SOLD Read more
  • Sam Broadhurst – Morning Warmth

    $990.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – My Love In The Night

    $6,700.00 Purchase


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