Uniquely designed Home and Office Desks using Western Australian hardwoods, are individually designed and custom made by award winning JahRoc Fine Furniture, Est. 1987 Perth Western Australia. Choose an existing Jarrah Desk design or Marri Desk design below (you can request different timber or vary the size) or commission JahRoc to custom make a bespoke Home or Office Desk to your own size and design requirement. JahRoc Furniture offer a leading edge for unique Desk designs and impeccable workmanship, and deliver a lifetime structural guarantee with each piece.

Home and Office Desks of exceptional quality and unique design…. Enjoy living with Designer Furniture.

  • Cascade Jarrah Burl Writing Table

    $13,200.00 Purchase
  • Intention Writing Desk

  • Dance Designer Mobile Storage Trolley

  • Owl Eyes Work Station Desk

  • Resource Capital Funds Executive Desk

  • The Cascade Gallery Desk

    $8,690.00 Purchase
  • Folded Ranges Designer Burl Desk

    $38,500.00 Purchase
  • Jetty Marri Office Desk

  • Flow Marri Writing Desk

  • In Motion Jarrah Desk

  • Longreach Bay Blackbutt Desk

  • Silhouette Modern Corner Jarrah Desk

  • Twin Pedestal Jarrah Desk

  • Tan Marri Slab Office Desk

  • Steggall Jarrah Desk

  • Spock Jarrah Writing Table

  • Spock Jarrah Desk

  • Shinto Unique Desk

  • Scorpio Modern Jarrah Desk

  • Reef Jarrah Filing Cabinet

  • Freeform Jarrah Burl Desk

  • Lagoon Marri Office Desk

  • Dowerin Traditional Inlay Desk

  • Dance Mobile Office Trolley

  • Dance Jarrah Office Desk

  • Branching Out Jarrah Desk

  • The Orbicule Unique Desk

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  • Windows to the Lagoon Desk



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