Australian Artist Astrid Dahl paints vibrant, semi-abstract works that exude her passion and love of painting the natural landscape. She has been exhibiting widely since 1985 in places such as Hong Kong, Spain, London and throughout Australia. Physical inspiration for her work comes from her travels to deserts in the US, India, Africa, and in WA the vast expanse of the Nullabor Plains. Astrid holds a Masters of Arts from Charles Sturt University and is a valued arts educator. Public collections of her work include Murdoch University WA, Ministry of Education WA, and Madang City Council PNG. In 2017 Astrid Dahl was a Finalist in the Bay of Fires Contemporary Art Competition in Tasmania, as well as the OBI Competition Queensland Australia.

Astrid Dahl – Up Close and Personal

View “Nature’s Smiles” exhibition August 2020

Astrid Dahl – Artist Biography

Astrid Dahl – Artist Biography

A sense of place is within the human mind, but is also stimulated by the environment itself.

My work as an environmental and landscape painter reflects a natural human yearning to interact with the land, its energy, its beauty and light, and its darkness.

There are representations or, fragments of memorized parts of earth, sky and water. The aspects or themes are set, or pieced together in my mind, like a mosaic, from different sources or different perspectives of the same source. They then become a reality to me as I paint. I see the paintings as ‘scattered poetic versions of experience and landscape seen’. At times I have overlaid the ‘life force’ swirling around us, the visible and the invisible, in lines and textured shapes.

Physical inspiration for my works, are taken from deserts in the US ( Nevada), India (Rajasthan) Africa, (Namibia, Morocco, Senegal), The Little Desert, in W.A and the vast expanse of the Nullabor Plains that stretches between SA and WA. The human-being is not represented in my work, but I acknowledge human existence through my own endeavors, painting the visible and the invisible.

Each painting is arrived at through a unique unpredictable random process as I present individual crystallized thoughts based on landscaped memory. I respond to that moment in time when life’s energy pushes forward through the communal well of experiences. Although each work is not inextricably bound to the last, certain elements link them together besides paint application, colour, and texture. Another less obvious, intrinsic element is the importance of nature to me. Nature gives us humanity, a sense of belonging through natural history and a global view that is greater than human endeavor. Being part of that ‘life force’; the “macro” and the microscopic elements, we all walk this ancient earth on that delicately balanced line between good and evil, lightness and darkness.

I try to tread lightly. Astrid Dahl


The process begins with having my canvas stretched on custom made timber frames. A component of textured medium is applied first as I map out the painting. The designs are from memory and photographs taken on site along with gathered rocks, sand, seed pods, and other organic material which act as a reminder of the landscape locations. These are laid out on a table as I prepare the painting. Occasionally I do quick sketches to help me remember a certain element that can’t be captured on film.

I then apply a variety of water based and oil based media over the textured surface. These are set in an acrylic painting medium. When dry, the painting is brought to the easel where I begin to orchestrate the colour symphony of rich oil paint, mixed on my glass top palette. A beeswax varnish completes the cycle. The painting is extended around the edges to create its own boundary.

Academic Qualifications

  • 4 Year Dip. of Art – Royal Melb. Inst. Of Technology Vic.
  • Diploma of Education – Hawthorn Teachers College Vic.
  • Batchelor of Art Education – Edith Cowan University WA
  • Masters of Art – Charles Sturt University NSW

Solo Exhibitions

2019     Solo exhibition at the Chenglin Art Centre Shanghai.(abstract landscapes)

2018     Solo exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery Melbourne – Australia (abstract landscapes)

2017     Solo Exhibition at Private Gallery Singapore – SAIRA FINE ART

2016     Gallery ADA Shanghai (landscapes) –

2016     Dilder Fine Art Foundation.  Jakarta – (Conversations with Nature)

2015     HOLLANDAISE CLUB Singapore – September (Multi-focus)

2015     JahRoc Galleries – Margaret River WA (Earth’s Poetry)

2013    JahRoc Galleries – Margaret River WA (New Works)

2013     Red Sea Gallery Brisbane – Qld (New Works)

2012     Gadfly Gallery – Perth WA – Transitions (Landscape)

2011     Atrium Gallery – Australian High Commission Singapore

2011     JahRoc Galleries – Margaret River WA (Water, Fire, Rock and Tree)

2009     JahRoc Galleries – Margaret River WA (Landscapes Lived and Dreamed

2008     GADFLY GALLERY – WA ( Lanscapes Ploughed and wild)

2008     MLC GALLERY – SYDNEY (Lanscapes – track and field)

2007     Singapore Art Fair

2006     JahRoc Gallery – Margaret River WA

2005     Artistry / Annex A Gallery

2005     JahRoc Gallery – Margaret River WA

2003     Gadfly Gallery – Drifting in a sea of Dreams – (Landscapes)

2002     Owen Hargreaves Tribal Art Gallery London – (Landscapes, Africa)

2002     Gadfly Gallery – A Merger not a Takeover – (Landscapes)

2001     Gadfly Gallery (Goddess Figures of the Earth – MA exhibition)

2000     Gallop Gallery, Charles Sturt University , NSW – MA exhibition

1999     Gadfly Gallery and Allendale Square Perth WA

1997     Millennium Gallery WA (Landscapes )

1997     Moores Building – Woodcuts inspired by Poetry

1996     The Gallery of Fine Art WA ( Mining )

1994     Cultural Art Center ( Denia , Spain ) Spanish works on paper

1993     A Shed – Spanish works on paper ( European focus)

1991     Goldfields Art Board Gallery WA (Landscapes)

1989     Gallery 97 Hong Kong (Landscapes)

1988     Bay Gallery of Fine Art, WA (Landscapes)

1986     Gomboc Gallery WA – Strata 2 (Focus on striations of earth and mining)

1985     Alexander Gallery WA – Strata 1 (Focus on striations of earth and mining)

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • Affordable Art Fairs Singapore – 2010 – 2015
  • Traffic Jam Gallery – Sydney (July 2012)
  • Florence Biennale (Italy) – awarded a High Distinction Medal – 2011
  • Represented by Red Sea Gallery in the Singapore Art Fair 2009
  • Red Sea Gallery (Australia) 2009
  • Prometheus art awards 2007
  • Scroptomists 50 th Anniversary Exhibition 2003 WA
  • Accent Gallery ’97
  • Stafford Gallery of Fine Art WA ’92
  • Printmakers Association WA ’90 – ’97 – ’98
  • ACTA Maritime Touring Exhibition Vic. ’85


  • Finalist in the Muswell Brook Landscape art Prize 2020
  • Finalist in the Paddington Art Prize 2019
  • Finalist in the Leithbridge Gallery Queensland Australia– Clayton UTZ award 2019
  • Finalist in the London Sunny Art Competition for Contemporary Art Exhibition – 2018
  • Finalist in the Bay of Fires Contemporary Art Competition Tasmania. 2017
  • Finalist in OBI Art Competition Qld, Australia 2017
  • High Distinction Medal Florence Biennale (Italy) 2011
  • Finalist in the John Leslie 2008 Landscape Prize Exhibition in the Gippsland Regional Gallery Victoria.
  • Finalist in the Prometheus Art Awards 2007
  • Finalist in the Soroptimists 50th Anniversary Exhibition WA 2003
  • First Prize Coolgardie Kaleidoscope Painting and Drawing 1997
  • Two Awards Coolgardie Municipal Art Exhibition “Kaleidoscope” 1997
  • Finalist in Burswood Art Award (WA) 1998
  • Highly Commended City of Melville Art Award Exhibition 1995
  • Finalist in WA Arts Industry Award 1994
  • 2 Arts Industry Awards Sponsored by Gallery 360 WA 1994
  • Highly Commended Windsor & Newton – Australian Awards 1993
  • Merit Certificate Mossman Park Purchase Award WA 1991
  • Finalist in the ACTA Maritime Touring Exhibition Vic 1985


  • Artlook Magazine – two issues – drawings 1989
  • Book of Poetry “Love” with 48 art works illustrated John Joseph Jones’ Poetry
  • Finalist in WA Arts Industry Award 1994
  • Australian Artist (feature article WA) 1996
  • Artist’s Chronicle (feature article WA) 1996
  • Coolgardie Municipal Art Exhibition “Kaleidoscope” (two awards) 1996
  • Artist’s Chronicle (feature article WA) 1999
  • Represented in Book ‘Contemporary Australian Woman Artists’ by Max Germaine Soon to be represented in; McCulloch’s Encyclopedia of Australian Art published by Aus Art Editions

Selection of Public & Private Collections

  • Hurlingham and Chelsea Art School, London UK
  • Kamirice P/L – Kador Group of Companies (Collins St Melb VIC)
  • Maya Hotel and Resort Bali
  • Hawthorn Teachers’ College, Vic
  • Travel lodge- Art Collection Perth WA
  • Rheem (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. Vic.
  • The French Bank – Perth WA
  • Ministry of Education – Public Art Collection, WA
  • Holyspirit Hostpital Northside – Public Art Collection QLD
  • Madang City Council – Art Collection, PNG
  • Speciality Cereals P/L
  • Parker and Parker (Law Firm) WA
  • Red sea Gallery – Singapore
  • Magic Star Mercedes WA
  • Axa Australia (Melb) Public Art Collection VIC
  • Philips Fox (Law Firm) WA
  • Murdoch University, Public Art Collection, WA
  • Zarich Tech Trust WA
  • William Tan – Mectron P/L
  • Dr Rohan Mendis – Aesthetics Singapore
  • Sharon and Graham Garside
  • Jackie Mitchell
  • Boo Leok Khoo
  • Anne Mathison
  • Bill Barr
  • Gillian Arnold
  • Jenny Brand-Miller
  • Kelly Teo
  • Keith McDonald
  • Nanette James

Represented in other public and private collections in:

  • UK
  • Spain
  • America
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • New Guinea

Astrid Dahl – Up Close and Personal

  • Astrid Dahl – Sun Soaked Sunflower

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    Astrid Dahl – She Only Wore Her Bride Dress For One Night

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  • Astrid Dahl – She Is My Passion

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  • Astrid Dahl – Orchid Love

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  • Astrid Dahl – Cherry Blossom

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    Astrid Dahl – Red Lantern

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  • Astrid Dahl – Blushing Lotus

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  • Astrid Dahl – Tracks Across The Salt Lake

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  • Astrid Dahl – Through The Window Desert Breezes Blow

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  • Astrid Dahl – Surfing The Rain

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  • Astrid Dahl – The Rain Has Not Reached Us Yet

    $3,400.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – We Meet In Our Hidden Canyon

    $6,200.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – Ginger, Turmeric & Tamarind

  • Astrid Dahl – Time To Start A New Adventure

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  • Astrid Dahl – You Are My World 2

    $750.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – Silently The Sun Rises

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