Astrid Dahl Exhibition – Abstracted Land 14th July

Astrid Dahl Exhibition Flyer Cropped

Internationally recognised artist Astrid Dahl is showcasing a collection of her abstracted landscape paintings during the Cabin Fever Festival 2017.

Exhibition dates: 14th July – 30th July 2017

MEET ASTRID DAHL who will be painting in the gallery:
Friday 14th July, 11-3pm
Saturday 15th July, 11-3pm
Sunday 16th July, 11-3pm


Artist Statement

We as humans are privileged to live among all that is deemed as the natural landscape. Spirits and souls are in all animate and inanimate things. They converse with other living things and each other. I feel our souls are linked to all that is in nature, growing or inert.

Therefore, my art is more of an in-ward spiritual response to the outer world. The fragility and the ferociousness of nature is at times awe-inspiring, humbling and fearful – quite often, all at the same time.

Most artists restrict their artistic focus on one particular theme which is repeated with variations throughout their careers. (this makes them more identifiable) However I have multiple themes. My themes are usually, landscape based but sometimes slightly shift between being ‘more abstract’ and ‘less abstract’, depending on my environment and reflective thoughts. We all know that life is transitional and my emotive responses are also subject to those transitions as I persevere on being authentic to the ‘moment’!

Processes, techniques, and mediums are embarked on, as they all guide me towards a result. At times, I feel as if I am standing aside and another is working on my paintings. I realize my investigations with my work are concluded, only when I reach a place of “stillness”.

Gallery of Exhibition Artworks

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