MRR OPEN STUDIOS: Artists In Residence @ JahRoc

Open Stuidos 2018 Web

Over 130 Artists of the region are getting ready to open their studio doors for the 5th and largest Margaret River Region Open Studio event.

The place is humming with excitement!

JahRoc Galleries are hosting 3 wonderful artists in the gallery during this popular event.

DAVID GILES, LAUREN RUDD and LIV VARDY will be setting up their creative space in the gallery, and will be available to meet and chat with visitors. They might even give away a few secret techniques as you watch them create.

See below dates and times that each artist will be in the gallery.

David Giles


Saturday 28th – 11-4pm

Sunday 29th – 11-4pm

Monday 30th – 11-4pm

Tuesday 1st – 11-4pm

Wednesday 2nd – 11-4pm

Thursday 3rd – 11-4pm

Friday 4th – 11-4pm

Saturday 5th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Sunday 6th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Monday 7th – 11-4pm

Tuesday 8th – 11-4pm

Wednesday 9th – 11-4pm

Thursday 10th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Friday 11th – 11-4pm

Saturday 12th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Sunday 13th – 11-4pm

David Giles Artist Open Studios

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Lauren Rudd


Saturday 28th – 12-5pm

Sunday 29th – 12-5pm

Monday 30th – 12-5pm

Tuesday 1st – 12-5pm

Wednesday 2nd – ARTIST NOT HERE

Thursday 3rd – ARTIST NOT HERE

Friday 4th – 12-5pm

Saturday 5th – 12-5pm

Sunday 6th – 12-5pm

Monday 7th – 12-5pm

Tuesday 8th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Wednesday 9th – 12-5pm

Thursday 10th – 12-5pm

Friday 11th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Saturday 12th – 12-5pm

Sunday 13th – 12-5pm

Lauren Rudd Artist Open Studios

LAUREN RUDD is offering her popular clay making mat time again this year.

Get into the creative spirit and your hands dirty and contribute to Lauren’s communal clay project.

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Liv Vardy


Saturday 28th – 10-3pm

Sunday 29th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Monday 30th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Tuesday 1st – 10-2pm

Wednesday 2nd – 10-2pm

Thursday 3rd – 10-2pm

Friday 4th – 10-2pm

Saturday 5th – 10-3pm

Sunday 6th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Monday 7th – 10-2pm

Tuesday 8th – 10-2pm

Wednesday 9th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Thursday 10th – 10-2pm

Friday 11th – 10-2pm

Saturday 12th – 10-3pm

Sunday 13th – ARTIST NOT HERE

Sunday 13th – NOT HERE

Liv Vardy Studio Shot

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JahRoc Galleries look forward to welcoming all OPEN STUDIO visitors into the gallery.

OPEN 10am – 5pm every day

Boasting the largest gallery space in the South West, when visiting JahRoc Galleries you will find an enormous and diverse range of Fine Art, Sculpture, Jewellery, Glass Art, plus our very own designer JahRoc Fine Furniture.