Leigh Hewson-Bower “South West Shorelines” Exhibition 27th December 2020

Leigh Hewson Bower Redate Beach Painting

JahRoc Galleries invite you to join the gallery in celebrating the opening of this breathtaking exhibition of realism coastline paintings of the South West by Leigh Hewson-Bower.

Sunday 27th December 2020
Opening Celebration 5pm – 7pm

Q&A with the Artist
Enjoy Margaret River Fine Wine & Live Music by Graeme Dickinson
All Welcome

For this show I have chosen locations from the South West of the state, an area of unparalleled natural beauty. After sifting through many of my photographs in search of references I settled on the scenes that best express the grandeur of the ocean in this part of the world.

Leigh Hewson-Bower 2020
Leigh Hewson Bower Hamelin Bay Painting 1
Leigh Hewson-bower – Cape Naturaliste

I guess you could say that water flows through my work. I will rarely create a painting that does not include a representation of it. The first time I visited Rottnest back in the nineties was the beginning of my involvement with realism as an artist. Prior to that I was working in a more abstract fashion…the legacy of my art school years where realistic representation was not at that time the current approach. And so it was a liberating experience to simply try my best to represent something in paint. And I shall continue to do exactly that.”

Leigh Hewson-Bower 2020

Exhibition Artworks


Gallery of Exhibition Artworks

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Leigh Hewson Bower South To Cape Clairault Painting
Leigh Hewson-Bower – South To Cape Clairault
207cm x 118cm
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Hamelin Bay
201cm x 111.5cm
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Eagle Bay
208cm x 113cm
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Castle Rock
221cm x 112cm
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Redgate
196cm x 112cm
Leigh Hewson-Bower – The Wave
222cm x 113cm
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Edge of the Reef
217cm x 112cm
Leigh Hewson Bower Wave Study Painting
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Wave Study
151cm x 112cm
Leigh Hewson Bower Wave Study 2 Painting 1
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Wave Study 2
141cm x 110cm

Leigh Hewson Bower Sugarloaf Painting 1
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Sugarloaf
185cm x 122cm

Gallery of Exhibition Artworks


Leigh Hewson Bower Wyadup Rocks And Cape Clairault Painting
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Wyadup Rocks & Cape Clairault
213cm x 112cm
Leigh Hewson Bower Cape Naturaliste Painting
Leigh Hewson-Bower – Cape Naturaliste
202cm x 112cm

Leigh Hewson Bower South West Shorelines Exhibition Poster Blue Border