Landscape Yet Not Landscape – Opening Night Artist Speeches

Landscape Yet Not Ladscape Exhibition Opening Night 4

“Landscape Yet Not Landscape” exhibition opened on Saturday night 30th June with a lovely crowd who enjoyed the collaborative collection of fine furniture and artworks that fall into the realm of imaginative landscape.

RALPH STANTON – paintings
GEOFFREY WAKE – paintings
GARY BENNETT & DAVID PARIS – fine furniture

The audience enjoyed the speeches which gave a wonderful insight into the individual creative process that each artist embarks on in their ambition to create artworks of desire.

GEOFFREY WAKE describes the process of painting as “creating a good problem that needs to be solved” and that “too much thinking is not good for the process, you’ve just got to put the mark down in order to start a flow, otherwise you will never get anywhere”

RALPH STANTON explains how his abstracted landscapes are inspired by “the feeling that the landscape gives him, the feeling of space and colour” and that when he embarks on a new piece he is unsure where the painting will end up until he arrives at that point.

GARY BENNETT talks about putting unusual pieces of wood in the naughty corner until the inspiration hits him, possibly years down the track, when the right design for that piece of wood reveals itself.

Video – Speeches Highlights – 4 min long

Enjoy the highlights from the speeches by Geoffrey Wake, Ralph Stanton, Gary Bennett and David Paris. 4 minutes long.

Video – Artist Speeches – 24 min long

Geoffrey Wake, Ralph Stanton, Gary Bennett & David Paris artist speeches: video 24minutes long.

Exhibition Opening Night Photos

Landscape Yet Not Ladscape Exhibition Opening Night 7