Jordan Sprigg Exhibition “Land Sea and Sky” 22 Sept

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Be prepared for a gallery full of creative creatures from the land, sea and sky…..

An exciting sculpture exhibition by Western Australian Jordan Sprigg at JahRoc Galleries

Exhibition showing – 22nd September – 10th October

Jordan Sprigg is sharing his creativity with us all for 2 days. Drop into the gallery on Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th and you can have a chat to Jordan who would be happy to answer all your questions about his creative journey with these exhibition pieces.

Meet Jordan Sprigg – Saturday 23rd, Sunday 24th between 11am – 3pm.

I’m passionate about capturing the form and character of each animal I create and being able to give the recycled metal another life after they have been sent to the scrap heap.

Based in country Western Australia, Jordan Sprigg uses recycled metals found from machinery and scrap heaps.  The objects he produces range from dragonflies, owls and bees, to larger scale sharks, lizards, kangaroos and even life sized horses.

The scrap iron sculptures are purposely left in their rusted state to highlight the age of the metal and the history of each piece.  From springs, gears, bearings and nuts to bolts, shovels, pliers and saws, the list is endless as to what the artist makes use of in his work.

Understanding and appreciation of these timeworn parts of a past life allows space for creation of a new life in their current composition.

Jordan Sprigg’s works are held in the collections of Wesley College and the Narembeen Shire.

Exhibiting at Sculpture by the Sea for the first time in 2017 gained the artist wide spread recognition and respect for his work.

Jordan Sprigg Artist Talk

Hear Jordan talk about his affinity for the recycled metals the he uses in his sculptures and his journey as an artist from welding in his fathers shed as a child to producing his acclaimed art works today ..

Jordan Sprigg In The Gallery

Jordan Sprigg enjoys chatting to visitors in the gallery….

Gallery of Exhibition Sculptures

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