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Galuma Maymuru – Memorial Pole, Larrakitj


Artist: Galuma Maymura
Born: 1951
Clan: Manalili, Belan group
Moiety: Yirritja
Homeland: Djarrakpi
Code: 36031

Memorial Pole size: 250cm high

This painting uses the sacred clan design which denotes the Yirritja moiety Maŋgalili clan identity in a non-figurative way, something of a departure from traditional north east Arnhem Land public art. Whilst sacred art in a secret context probably lacks figurative elements this is still a relatively recent phenomenon in art made for sale and public viewing. This water is of the coastal estate of the artists homeland of Djarrakpi. Its somewhat generic name is Muŋurru, a name which the neighbouring Madarppa and Dhalwangu clans also share and translates to the deeper waters that wash out to the horizon and mix with the waters from these other clan estates illustrating the bonds of kinship (that of one with the mothers mother) that connect them. In this work the Muŋurru is ‘a liitle bit rough’.

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Galuma Maymuru - Memorial Pole, Larrakitj
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