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Janine Daddo Artist

JANINE DADDO paintings for sale. Celebrated Australian Artist Janine Daddo has a natural exuberance for life which allows her to gain great joy from the everyday moments that most of us take for granted. Her observations of these moments are the inspiration for her paintings, with their figurative twist of forms and playful ideas that recreate the innocence and magic of youth. Her confident use of evocative colours and bold textures help to convey this enthusiasm of the little things that we all felt as children, or the passion that new love brings. They are happy, and they entice the viewer to feel happy. Janine has enjoyed sell out shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. She has been painting full time since 1994 and has a background in advertising and fashion. Janine invites us to look again, lose yourself in the romance of life and celebrate the simple moments captured in her joyous paintings.

EXHIBITION “Meander, Muse, Marvel The Margaret River” 14th April

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