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Monique Tippett

Monique Tippett

MONIQUE TIPPETT – Artist – Paintings – Woodwork

Monique Tippett Waves 94x65cm $2,300Monique Tippett – I was born in Perth, Western Australia. I spent my childhood in my grandfather’s workshop hammering and sawing away at pieces of scrap wood. My grandfather had been a successful architect and master stonemason in Budapest before escaping the war to begin a new life in Australia.

My Journey began in 1994 after taking on the position of Art Director at a children’s summer camp in Wisconsin, USA. I began experimenting with pyrography (a technique of burning or etching wood with fire), which I saw the American Indians using in their art. This rekindled my love of wood and over the next six years I developed my own techniques in the art of pyrography, which led me to look at how to create the three dimensional artworks. In December 2000, I was accepted into the prestigious ‘Australian School of Fine Wood’ in Dwellingup, WA. I relocated, with my husband and two children, to this Southwest timber town where I began a comprehensive two-year Diploma of Art in furniture designing and making. In 2001 I became involved with the ‘Designing Futures Forum’. This exposed me to many international makers, designers and artists with whom I participated in many masterclasses, mentoring programs and hands on workshops.

Over these years, as my experience, skill levels and knowledge of timber (a living, moving medium) increased I perfected a totally unique fusion of graphic art/sculpture/furniture design. Inspired by the beautiful environment around Dwellingup, which is blessed in its variety of tree species. I am surrounded by my ‘canvas’, woodworker’s heaven.

In 2003 after graduating, I took part in the state governments ‘New Enterprise Incentive Scheme’ (NEIS), a business development program. This allowed me to lease a run down commercial building in the centre of Dwellingup. After extensive renovations the “Dwellingup Gallery” was born. In the three years the gallery was in full swing, I was representing and mentoring around 50 artists from the Peel, Murray and Perth regions. I curated many group and solo exhibitions. ‘Dwellingup Gallery’ was soon an important part of the areas art culture.

Time given to the galleries administrational commitments soon outweighed the time I was able to spend on my own arts practice. I had recently received a grant from the ‘Southwest Industry Assistance Scheme’, which enabled me to set up my own fully equipped studio workshop. I therefore restructured the gallery in 2006. I invited three well-known regional artists to join me and it became the
“Dwellingup Arts Collective”. This freed up my time to concentrate on my own art, and research potential international markets. I have decided to target South East Asia first after visiting the ARTSingapore art fair in September 2006. In April 2007, I received a Arts Grant from the Western Australian Governmant wHich has enabled me to fund my exhibition at ArtSingapore 2007.  Monique Tippett

Personal Information

Name: Monique Tippett
Born: 23rd November 1971


2001-2002 Diploma of Art – Furniture Designer Maker Australian School of Fine Wood Forest Heritage Centre, Dwellingup
1989 Australian Business College

Relevant Experience

2007 “Building Stronger Communities Project”- Public Art – Alcoa and Fremantle Arts Centre – Dwellingup and Byford Projects
2006 Secretary – Dwellingup Community Compact – Progressive Society
2006 – current Establishment of “Dwellingup Arts Collective” Gallery space
2004 Artist in Residence – Forest Heritage Centre – 6 months
2004 Refurbishment Serpentine Board Room – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
2003 – 2005 Establishment of “Dwellingup Gallery”
2003 – current Establish “Dwellingup Cluster Group”
2003 – current Lecturer – Australian School of Fine Wood – Forest Heritage Centre –
Introductory Wood Craft, Women in Wood and Embellishment weekend workshops
2001 – current Designing Futures Program – Business and Design mentoring programs
1994 Artistic Director – Camp Agawak – Wisconsin, USA


2007 ARTS WA Grant – Exhibition and marketing of works internationally, at ARTSingapore visual art fair, Singapore 2007
2005 Department of Planning and Infrastructure, Capital Grant- South West Industy Assistance Scheme
2003 NEIS Government Grant – Business mentoring program – Establishment of Dwellingup Gallery

Select Exhibitions and Awards

2007 ARTSingapore 2007 – International Visual Arts Fair
2007 Dwellingup Arts Lab – Solo Exhibition – Upstream (viewing only)
2007 Mandjar Art Awards – Peoples Choice Award
2007 Minnawarra Art Prize – Highly commended
2006 Scintillating Exhibition – Armadale City Council – Award Winner
2006 Mandjar Art Awards – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
2005/06/07 9×5 Exhibition – MPAC
2005 AWE Exhibition (Award Winners Exhibition) – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
2005 Mandjar Art Awards – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Regional Award Winner
2004 WA Timber Industy – Outstanding Creative Art Piece Award Refurbishment Serpentine Room – MPAC
2004 FIAA Australia – West Australian Furniture of the Year Awards Serpentine Room – MPAC – Highly Commended
2004 OPTIME Group Exhibition – Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
2003 Springtime – Dwellingup Gallery
2002 Forest Industy Federation of WA – Atlantis Chair – Most Creative Art Piece Award
2002 Seen and Unseen – Fremantle Arts Centre
2002 Out of Woods – Claremont Wood Show – Award Winner
2002 Seduction of Wood – Central Park, Perth CBD


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