JahRoc Furniture | Established 1987 | Made in Margaret River, Western Australia.

The original founders of JahRoc Furniture; Gary Bennett and David Paris are well recognised as leading designers and craftsmen in the industry and have won over 50 awards for their contemporary furniture designs.

JahRoc Furniture is handcrafted individually by Gary, David, and their longstanding craftsman Jagath, using ethically sourced Western Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah, Marri, Sheoak, Blackbutt, and Burlwood. You can choose an existing JahRoc design, or arrange a commission for a bespoke design to be made especially for you. The exceptional quality of JahRoc Furniture is second to none, and a Lifetime Guarantee of their workmanship is delivered with each piece to prove it.

  • Geographe Bedside Table

    $3,520.00 Purchase
  • Owl Eyes TV Cabinet

    $6,900.00 Purchase
  • GPR Jarrah Bench Seat

    $8,500.00 Purchase
  • Cascade Jarrah Burl Writing Table

    $12,000.00 Purchase
  • Cray Lounge Chair

    $3,300.00 Purchase
  • Crown Resorts Sydney 4.4m Table

    $40,000.00 Purchase
  • Canopy Glass Backed Display Cabinet

    $16,400.00 Purchase
  • Bremer Dining Chair in Yellow

    $1,530.00 Purchase
  • 10ft Gun Hollow Balsa Wooden Surfboard

    $25,000.00 Purchase
  • All Eyes Curly Marri Sideboard

    $12,600.00 Purchase
  • Warner Glen Curly Marri Sideboard

    $13,600.00 Purchase
  • Square Marri Kitchen Dining Table

    $4,400.00 Purchase
  • Slimline Nara Marri Single Slab Dining Table

    $17,000.00 Purchase
  • Organic Jarrah Burl Entry Table

    $5,900.00 Purchase
  • Intention Writing Desk

    $5,900.00 Purchase
  • Contempo Wooden Bedside Cabinet

    $5,850.00 Purchase
  • Tex Square Edge Wine Rack

    $1,990.00 Purchase
  • Cow Shed Jarrah Dining Table

    $4,990.00 Purchase
  • Ellensbrook Marri Dining Table

    $4,880.00 Purchase
  • Intention Marri Coffee Table

    $2,850.00 Purchase
  • Origami Folded Marri Coffee Table

    $2,680.00 Purchase
  • Mangrove Chaise Lounge – Castellani Velvet

    $8,500.00 Purchase
  • Dance Designer Mobile Storage Trolley

    $8,450.00 Purchase
  • Get Uked Artistic Guitar Stand

    $1,595.00 Purchase
  • Get Uked Artistic Ukulele Stand

    $995.00 Purchase
  • Sunburst Round Coffee Table

    $16,800.00 Purchase
  • Grandeur Upholstered Wooden Bedhead

    $9,770.00 Purchase
  • Sunburst Round Bedside Cabinet

    $10,600.00 Purchase
  • Tex Huon Pine & Sheoak Dining Table

    SOLD Read more
  • Canopy Design Jarrah Display Cabinet

    $18,600.00 Purchase


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