The Survivor Jarrah Tree Trunk Seat


Gary spotted this hollow tree on the side of the road in 1996 which was earmarked to be cleared and burnt by main roads. Seeing too much potential in this ancient beauty he acquired it before it was to be forever forgotten. It sat in the wood yard for the next 24 years, survived a move from York to Margaret River, and was still standing after the fires went through the JahRoc workshop in 2011, albeit very charcoaled. Inspiration came to Gary at the end of 2019 and he tackled the enormous and very dirty task of chipping off all the burnt charcoal and sanding through to the rich Jarrah that lay beneath it. Leaving the gray outside skin for textural contrast, Gary smoothed and oiled the inside, and designed a minimalist chair that is suspended in harmony.

When you step inside and take a seat you can feel “The Survivor’s” energy enveloping you, two spirits aligned for that moment in time.

Materials: Jarrah Tree Trunk, Jarrah seat
Size: 2950H x 140W x 140W

SOLD: To The Wichcliffe Eco Village