PETER GRAHAM sculptures for sale. Perth Sculptor Peter Graham began his working career as a Geologist which taught him an appreciation for the natural world from a scientific and visual perspective. After decades he abandoned Geology to pursue a career as a sculptor, turning scrap metal into art forms. Peter works in large, heavy scale metal and has produced memorable Public Art commissions for State and Local Governments, and is continually expanding his knowledge in this field, taking a hard rigid material and cleverly creating organic shapes that mimic nature.

Peter Graham - Artist Biography

Peter Graham is a sculptor living and working on a semi-rural property in the foothills outside Perth, Western Australia. Raised on a farm, he eventually became a geologist, and spent decades exploring remote parts of the Australian outback. This experience left him with an appreciation for, and understanding of, the natural world, it’s flow, rhythm and structure from both scientific and visual perspectives. As a result his work is at once organic, tactile and intuitive.

In 2002 he abandoned geology to pursue a career in art, initially utilizing scrap steel to great effect in works that can be found in collections throughout Australia. In 2005 he travelled to the USA as a resident at a Michigan art school and gallery where he taught and exhibited his work.

Returning to Australia he experimented widely in materials, styles and techniques including ceramics, semi-precious metals, concrete and glass, all of which now feature in his work. This period also resulted in work collaborating with other artists and an expansion of facilities at his studio. These now include extensive steel-working facilities, a bronze foundry, concrete working equipment and glass casting facilities.

Peters’ art practice has expanded to producing Public Art with commissions in bronze for State and Local Governments and others for land developers and businesses in bronze, steel and concrete. He has also attracted the attention of international buyers with sculptures sold to collectors in the USA and Europe. The immediate future involves an exploration of the link between the microscopic and macroscopic of the natural world. It is fascinating that the rigid, precise world at the atomic level produces such varied, organic and apparently irregular forms we see about us in the natural world.

Peter recently commenced a Masters Degree in Applied Design and Art at Curtin University. His research will focus on materiality in sculpture. That is the consideration of materials used in sculpture to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

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