LIV VARDY paintings for sale. Emerging local artist Liv Vardy’s paintings flow onto the canvas like a symphony of colour and creative release. She is inspired by nature, light, clouds and the sea, but approaches each blank canvas without an outcome in mind. “I seek to express the beauty of colour and the flow of nature”  says Vardy. Her goal is that her paintings convey a sense of freedom, joy and peace and open up a positive conversation within the viewer.

Liv Vardy Q&A – Up Close & Personal

Exhibition & Artist In Residence – 27th April 2019

Liv Vardy - Artist Biography

Liv Vardy Artist Statement
My paintings are created in an expressionistic approach. My hope is to convey a sense of freedom, joy and peace, using colour to express emotion. I choose to explore the positive side of our emotions, bringing the viewer into a place of unwind in our seemingly chaotic culture of modern day living. I feel using colour and negative space allows for ones eyes to roll over the canvas taking in the flow of the work.

Approaching a blank canvas without prior idea to what I will create allows a free flow of emotion and creation. I draw inspiration from nature, the way the light falls on a cloud, the grain direction in timber and movement of the sea. All I feel create a sense of calm.

Each artwork is created using layers of acrylic paint. Building the paint up to create a symphony of colour with brushwork. At times I use restraint with my colours keeping the work to a simple palette. Other times I allow vibrancy of all the colours to overtake the work layering each with transparent glazes for depth and interest.

  • Liv Vardy – Linger

    $2,600.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – Stillness

    $3,900.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – Starlight

    $3,700.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – In The Quiet

    $3,900.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – When We Collide

    $6,200.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – Ascention

    $3,200.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – Tempest

    $3,250.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – Sinking Deep

    $1,800.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – We Dance

    $4,700.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – Wash Over

  • Liv Vardy – Captivated

    $3,200.00 Purchase
  • Liv Vardy – Salt



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