Few modern art galleries in Australia can lay claim to the artistic talent on show at JahRoc Galleries located in Margaret River, South West of Perth Western Australia, boasting a diverse range of one-off artworks from contemporary Australian Artists. Perth Artists are strongly represented, alongside local Margaret River Artists, Melbourne Artists, Sydney Artists, the list goes on… JahRoc has chosen to showcase these Australian Artists for their unique styles, individuality, and collectability. JahRoc Fine Art Gallery is the largest contemporary art gallery in the South West with over 400m2 of floor space equating to about 700m2 of wall hanging space showing over 400 paintings at any one time. A unique racking system holds a further 200m2 of art hanging display offers over 200 paintings to choose from here. It really is a one-stop art gallery destination for discerning art buyers with a massive variety of Paintings, Glass, Jewellery, Sculpture, Wood Art, and Fine Furniture on display and for sale.

Aboriginal Artists

Aboriginal Artists1

Alan Meyburgh

Alan Meyburgh6

Alice Linford Forte

Alice Linford Forte10

Amilia Adams

Amilia Adams5

Andrew Potocnik

Andrew Potocnik3

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor16

Ann Steer

Ann Steer19

Argyle Diamonds

Argyle Diamonds40

Astrid Dahl

Astrid Dahl21

Bec Juniper

Bec Juniper3

Becky Blair

Becky Blair8

Benjamin Reddan

Benjamin Reddan8

Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery27

Bonnie Atlan

Bonnie Atlan9

Brendon Collins

Brendon Collins10

Brian Borshoff

Brian Borshoff4

Bruce Earles

Bruce Earles3

Charles Wilcox

Charles Wilcox4

Chris Reid

Chris Reid11

Christine Lawrence

Christine Lawrence5

Cossy Bardwell

Cossy Bardwell7

Daniela Tommasi

Daniela Tommasi2

Dariya Gratte

Dariya Gratte15

David Bromley

David Bromley27

Debbie Mackenzie

Debbie Mackenzie1

Desert Rose Jewellery

Desert Rose Jewellery49

Donald Green

Donald Green5

Edols Elliott

Edols Elliott10

Eileen Gordon

Eileen Gordon27

Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson31

Emma Cotton

Emma Cotton47

Erin Conron

Erin Conron2

Evelyn Henschke

Evelyn Henschke36

Felicia Aroney

Felicia Aroney18

Gabe Heusso

Gabe Heusso4

Gemma Baker

Gemma Baker45

Geoffrey Wake

Geoffrey Wake6

Georgia Morgan

Georgia Morgan9

Grant Donaldson

Grant Donaldson26

Greg Crowe

Greg Crowe5

Greg James

Greg James13

Harry Moores

Harry Moores2

Helen Forbes

Helen Forbes11

Helen Foster

Helen Foster5

Helen Norton

Helen Norton9

Inge Giebeler

Inge Giebeler8

Ingrid Windram

Ingrid Windram7

Jacqui Garrett-Brown

Jacqui Garrett-Brown2

Jagath Prasantha

Jagath Prasantha7

Jake Coghlan

Jake Coghlan3

James Price

James Price5

Jane Liddon

Jane Liddon54

Jane Pestell-Litten

Jane Pestell-Litten1

Janine Daddo

Janine Daddo34

Jen Mitchell

Jen Mitchell11

Jenny Sanderson

Jenny Sanderson1

Joe Webster

Joe Webster11

John McIntosh

John McIntosh15

Jon Denaro

Jon Denaro6

Jos Myers

Jos Myers13

Josh Windram

Josh Windram12

Judy Prosser

Judy Prosser5

Karin Luciano

Karin Luciano17

Katharina Meister

Katharina Meister2

Ken Rasmussen

Ken Rasmussen5

Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Kyle Hughes-Odgers2

Larry Mitchell

Larry Mitchell12

Larry Williamson

Larry Williamson3

Lauren Rudd

Lauren Rudd9

Lauren Wilhelm

Lauren Wilhelm17

Leigh Hewson-Bower

Leigh Hewson-Bower19

Liddon Pearls

Liddon Pearls33

Liv Vardy

Liv Vardy16

Margaret Heenan

Margaret Heenan15

Mat Beetson

Mat Beetson1

Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan1

Michelle Bolitho

Michelle Bolitho7

Michelle Gauntlett

Michelle Gauntlett40

Nada Kesic

Nada Kesic3

Narelle Pendlebury

Narelle Pendlebury18

Natalie Scholtz

Natalie Scholtz4

Neil Turner

Neil Turner11

Nicky Shelton

Nicky Shelton14

Palla Jeroff

Palla Jeroff6

Peter Godden

Peter Godden3

Peter Graham

Peter Graham1

Peter Reynolds

Peter Reynolds12

Peter Scott

Peter Scott11

Philip Drummond

Philip Drummond9

Ralph Stanton

Ralph Stanton2

Rick Cook

Rick Cook3

Robert Jones

Robert Jones16

Robyn Clarke

Robyn Clarke11

Russell Ord

Russell Ord12

Sam Broadhurst

Sam Broadhurst6

Saul Atkinson

Saul Atkinson2

Shane Moad

Shane Moad9

Shannah Mitchell

Shannah Mitchell6

Shannon Hamilton

Shannon Hamilton8

Shaun Atkinson

Shaun Atkinson20

Shirley Fisher

Shirley Fisher4

Silvana Ferrario

Silvana Ferrario19

Stephanie Reisch

Stephanie Reisch4

Stuart McMillan

Stuart McMillan2

Susan Angwin

Susan Angwin4

Susan Tingay

Susan Tingay4

Terence Dillon

Terence Dillon10

Tony Wise

Tony Wise5

Trevor Clement

Trevor Clement8

Viviana Maier

Viviana Maier23

Vivienne Jagger

Vivienne Jagger14

Wendy Arnold

Wendy Arnold6

Yolande Barker

Yolande Barker12

Yuko Takahashi

Yuko Takahashi7

  • Greg James – Indian Runner Duck #4

    $3,600.00 Purchase
  • Joe Webster – Distracted By A Damselfly

    $6,400.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Rapture

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Winter Dance

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • Alice Linford Forte – Leeuwin Current

    $4,900.00 Purchase
  • Peter Scott – A Quiet Day On The Bay

    $4,000.00 Purchase
  • Alan Meyburgh – Black Cockatoos In Formation – Wall Mounted

    $2,200.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Sam Broadhurst – Of The Sea

    SOLD Read more
  • Sam Broadhurst – The Cove

    $1,900.00 Purchase
  • Sam Broadhurst – Roadside

    $1,890.00 Purchase
  • Sam Broadhurst – Endless Sea

    $1,390.00 Purchase
  • Sam Broadhurst – Cape Near Margaret River

    $1,190.00 Purchase
  • Cossy Bardwell – Adventurous Buck

    $3,500.00 Purchase
  • Joe Webster – Light Inbetween Sycamore Shards

    $2,150.00 Purchase
  • Joe Webster – Old Walls Beech

    $5,950.00 Purchase
  • Sam Broadhurst – Morning Warmth

    $990.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – My Love In The Night

    $6,700.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – Hibiscus, Jewel Of The Orient

    $6,700.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – Queen Of The Night Behind Many Veils

    $6,700.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – Birds Of Paradise, Lives In Paradise

    $5,600.00 Purchase
  • Astrid Dahl – Happy Smiling Faces (Triptych)

    $3,600.00 Purchase
  • Karin Luciano – Fabric Of Cosmos Copper

    $2,900.00 Purchase
  • Karin Luciano – Fabric Of Cosmos Silver

    $2,900.00 Purchase
  • Karin Luciano – Fabric Of Cosmos Gold

    $2,900.00 Purchase
  • Bespoke Jewellery – Hex Diamond Rose Gold Ring

    $2,000.00 Purchase
  • Bespoke Jewellery – Hex Diamond White Gold Ring

    $2,200.00 Purchase
  • Bespoke Jewellery – Hex Diamond Gold Ring

    $2,600.00 Purchase
  • Bespoke Jewellery – Hex Diamond Rose Gold Ring

    $2,400.00 Purchase
  • Bespoke Jewellery – Hex Gold Bangle

    $3,000.00 Purchase
  • Bespoke Jewellery – Hex Rose Gold Bangle

    $3,000.00 Purchase


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