Argyle Origin Pink Diamonds – A Very Special Argyle Diamond Event

Argyle will forevermore be a revered name in coloured diamonds and will go down in history as a freak of nature, a rare patch of earth that created these exquisite pink diamonds, which have become possibly the most valuable substance on earth.

Don’t Miss Our Last Diamond Event!

This will be our last Argyle Diamond event and the first of our celebratory events to take us to JahRoc Galleries closing date of 30th June 2023.

We have an incredible range of loose Argyle pink diamonds and stunning pink diamond jewellery that will all be sold before 30th June 2023.

Browse now while stocks last!

A Very Special Argyle Diamond Event

JahRoc Galleries invite you to view one of the largest collections of Argyle diamonds that you are likely to ever see again.

View and celebrate the spectacular colours of Argyle diamonds including pink. yellow, blue, white and champagne, plus a stunning range of designer jewellery incorporating these rare and collectable diamonds.

Argyle Pink Diamond Jewellery

Loose Investment Pink & Coloured Argyle Diamonds

28th – 30th October 2022

Single Pink Diamond

Friday 28th October

Preview the Collection
Meet Our Diamond Expert
5.30pm-7pm * RSVP essential

Join us for bubbles and nibbles to preview this spectacular collection on Friday evening from 5.30-7pm.

Meet our Argyle diamond & jewellery sales expert on the night and mingle with an intimate crowd of limited numbers.

Please make a request if you would like to view a specific size/colour/value of diamond and we will make sure to have it at our event for you.

Private appointments are available.

RSVP is essential so please get in touch. +61 8 97587200 [email protected]

29th – 30th October

View the full Collection
Meet Our Diamond Expert Saturday 29th
10am-5pm daily * All Welcome

Our spectacular Argyle diamond collection will be on show in full on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th and then ongoing until supply runs out. 10am – 5pm daily.

Meet our Argyle diamond & jewellery sales expert on Saturday only from 10am-5pm.

Private appointments are available. Please get in touch and book it in.

This is an incredible opportunity to view such a large collection of pink diamonds from the Argyle mine along with the very popular yellow, blue and champagne coloured diamonds.

The full collection is on show for these 2 days and then ongoing until stocks run out.

Our spectacular array of sparkling jewels are on show ongoing until 30th June 2023 or until stocks run out!

All are welcome during normal gallery hours
10am – 5pm 7 days

Ellendale Diamonds Investment Argyle Pink

Argyle Origin Pink Diamond Investment

With the closure of the iconic Argyle Diamond mine in November 2020, there has been an unstoppable demand for these truly limited Argyle pink diamonds that have maintained strong value appreciation.

Our diamond showcase is sourced from one of Australia’s largest stock holders of certified pink Argyle diamonds and is a 2nd generation Western Australian family run business. Dealing only in ethically sourced diamonds and focusing on supplying coloured diamonds sourced from the Argyle diamond mine, you can be rest assured that all diamonds are supplied with a certificate or lot number of origin. giving you the provenance of the stone.

Prices for a certified Argyle origin pink diamond start at $2,200….

Get in touch with us about Argyle Diamond investment opportunities and make an appointment with our diamond specialist.

Buy your pink diamond now before it is too late!

[email protected] +61 8 9758 7200

Desert Rose Collection Diamond Ring Argyle Pink Diamonds

The Desert Rose Collection

JahRoc have secured an exclusive showcase of a stunning contemporary jewellery range called the Desert Rose Collection.

Designed and made by award winning jewellers in Perth, the Desert Rose Collection feature pink diamonds from the Argyle mine, as well as yellow diamonds and champagne diamonds all set in 18k white & rose gold. This jewellery exudes pure elegance and authenticity.

This is just a small selection of the Desert Rose Jewellery that will be on show

Gemma Baker Jewellery Argyle Pink Diamond Exhibition

Gemma Baker Jewellery

Also on show is an artistic collection of jewellery with a sprinkling of “pinks” by 4th generation jeweller and designer Gemma Baker. Gemma is well known for her unique designs incorporating french knitting with Western Australian Abrolhos pearls and Argyle diamonds.

Lara Bennett of JahRoc Galleries and Gemma Baker are sisters, and grew up in the jewellery industry in Geraldton under their fathers guidance, Leon Baker who is a 3rd generation jeweller/watchmaker.

Argyle Diamonds Pit Rio Tinto

Argyle Diamond Mine Closed 2020

Argyle will be missed…

Whilst in operation the Argyle mine produced over 90% of the worlds supply of pink diamonds, and this rare pink gem equated to just 1% of the Argyle mine’s total diamond production. There are a small quantity of pink diamonds mined in elsewhere in the world, but so far nowhere else in the world has produced pink diamonds as vivid in colour as the Argyle mine.

The Argyle Mine’s closure will be a major milestone and its significance has not been lost on the diamond community or savvy investors with a preference for hard assets. Pink diamonds have shown very good stability and consistency of investment performance over the long term and are insulated from stock market volatility.

Chairman of the Diamond Guild of Australia Michael Neuman said there had been no other mine like Argyle discovered in human history.

“There hasn’t been a new viable diamond mine discovery in the last 20 – 30 years and the ones that are currently in production all over the world are likely to become economically unviable in the next 50 years” he said.

“To my mind, that means it’s extremely unlikely that another regular source of pinks will ever be found, because the conditions required for the formation of pink diamonds in nature are so freakish.”

ABC NEWS – Jan 2020

Further reading: Rio Tinto Readies to Close World’s Biggest Diamond Mine

To own an Argyle origin Pink Diamond is to own a piece of Australian history….