Red Thunder Horse Sculpture Arrival..

Jordan Sprigg With Red Thunder Horse Sculpture 1

After saying goodbye to the iconic “Red Deer” Stag that proved to be quite an attraction standing proudly out the front of JahRoc Galleries for a few months, we now welcome “RED THUNDER”!!!!

Sculptor Jordan Sprigg has done himself proud to produce this incredible stallion which is life size and exudes a personality of it’s own. On the move, tail and mane flowing in the wind, you can just feel the movement and energy coming off this genteel giant.

Jordan Sprigg has gained a lot of notice recently for his creative sculptures made using old metal farm machinery and tools. He grew up on a farm in Narambeen, Western Australia and started tinkering away in the family shed after school and on holidays whilst growing up. After clearing out his Dad’s shed of discarded machinery parts, he started on the neighbours, and is always on the lookout for the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle of creatively placed pieces.

You will be please to know Jordan has deferred his University course in Psychology till next year so he can put some more time into sculpting.

Installation of Red Thunder at JahRoc Galleries

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