Opening Night – Janine Daddo Exhibition “Deep In Conversation” 21st Jan 2023

An eager and excited crowd gathered at JahRoc Galleries for the opening of Janine Daddo’s latest exhibition titled “Deep In Conversation”.

Many existing clients who already enjoy living with a special Janine Daddo painting attended the opening celebration, taking the opportunity to meet the artist who travelled over from the Mornington Peninsular to share the night with us all. Also amongst the crowd were clients who had just discovered Janine’s wonderful work for the first time.

An extra layer of meaning hung over the evening as this is the last exhibition that JahRoc Galleries will hold for Janine Daddo. During the past 11 years of representation, Janine has become one of our most loved and followed artists bringing an immense amount of joy to the world with her vibrant and poetic paintings.

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But for now, there are plenty of incredible paintings to discover here… View Exhibition

“Deep In Conversation” by Janine Daddo
is on show until 6th February

Video – Opening Speech

Exhibition Opening Night Crowd