MRROS 2016 at JahRoc Galleries a huge success

Mrros 2016 Lauren Rudd Sculpture 2

MRROS, Margaret River Region Open Studios 2016 was every bit the success it was predicted to be. Bigger and better than previous years, it attracted a huge number of art lovers to the region and converted many who didn’t know about it and happened to stumble across it while visiting.

JahRoc Galleries opened their doors to local artists Evelyn Henschke and Lauren Rudd who set up their open studio within the gallery space. JahRoc visitors lapped up the added activity in the gallery and enjoyed talking to these talented artists and finding out more about their craft.

Mrros 2016 Evelyn Henschke Jewellery Making 1


Margaret River jeweller Evelyn Henschke had a glorious collection of her hand made glass beads which are individually made using the age old craft of Bohemian Glass Bead Making. She combines these unique beads with lustrous pearls to create colourful jewellery of various designs. Evelyn was on hand to greet customers and custom make jewellery using beads and pearls that they hand selected.

If you were keen to catch Evelyn Henschke and did not have a chance, please contact the gallery to make an appointment and Evelyn will be more than happy to assist you in making a special piece just for you.

Mrros 2016 Lauren Rudd Sculpture 2LAUREN RUDD

Margaret River sculptor Lauren Rudd thoroughly enjoyed chatting to visitors who were admiring her creative sculptures and asked her many questions about her various techniques. In particular the results Lauren Rudd is getting with her finishing glazes intrigued both creators and admirors of the ceramic craft. Lauren had clay on hand and had many keen participants have a play and make their own unique creation. Some budding artists in the making.

Lauren Rudd is open to commissioned work. No two sculptures are ever the same, however if you love the look of an existing piece but it is sold, or you have a colour you would prefer, Lauren would be more than happy to discuss the possibilities. Contact us to make an appointment for this to happen.

To all of the organisers of Margaret River Region Open Studios 2016 (MRROS) we know it is an exceptionally massive undertaking and praise you of your delivery of a professional and extremely successful event.

For more information about the Margaret River Region Open Studio event, visit their website: MRROS

Looking forward to next year….

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