Janine Daddo Exhibition “Moments With You” 13th November 2021

JahRoc Galleries invite you to view a new exhibition of paintings by

Janine Daddo
– moments with you –

13th November

Janine Daddo brings a joyful collection of paintings to JahRoc Galleries that celebrate relationships and love, including some cheeky animal spirit.  

Captured in her bold, figurative style Janine invites us to reflect on the simple and special moments in our lives that create happy memories.

 This exhibition also explores the true essence of the iconic Margaret River lifestyle that is enjoyed by holidaymakers and residents alike. The sea, the wine, the trees, the fun and the love….

Visit JahRoc Galleries to view “Moments With You” and make sure you allow yourself enough time to enjoy the story in each piece.

“You just get me … from the moment you came into my life you filled my heart with love, my eyes with stars and my head with dreams. In a journey of love we cherish the little things”

Janine Daddo 2021 

Exhibition Artwork Available

Janine Daddo – Secret Beach
150cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – The Picnic
150cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – To Be Free
130cm x 70cm
Janine Daddo – Blossom of Love
120cm x 115cm
Janine Daddo – Top Paddock
125cm x 115cm
Summer Colours
125cm x 115cm
Janine Daddo – The Moon Flowers
90cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – 3’s A Crowd But 4
90cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – First Light
90cm x 90cm
The Gathering
90cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – Summer Days
90cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – Sea Garden
90cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – Bound For Joy
90cm x 90cm
Janine Daddo – Just Follow Your Heart
60cm x 60cm
Janine Daddo – River Crossing To You
63cm x 63cm

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