Janine Daddo Exhibition “Gifts From The Sea” 1st July 2017

Janine Daddo Gifts From The Sea Banner

The Margaret River Region is renown for it’s stunning beaches and all that the coastline has to offer. Surfing, fishing, paddle boarding, strolling on the sand, exercising the dog. Those memorable family beach gatherings, moments with loved ones watching the sunset, just breathing in the fresh energetic ocean air.

The ocean and the beach hold varying meanings and memories for everyone, and Janine Daddo creatively captures many of these moments.

A family fishing day on the jetty…. A ride down to check the surf with board under arm ready to go… A special moment with a loved one staring out at the endless possibilities… The romance of sailing on the sea of love….

The lure of the big blue… adventurous and playful… bringing treasures to our shores… dive in!

Enjoy these lovely playful paintings by Janine Daddo inspired by our magnificent Margaret River seascape.

Exhibition Artworks

Janine Daddo The Perfect Set Painting
Janine Daddo On Waves Of Love They Sailed Painiting
Janine Daddo First Light Painting
Janine Daddo Betweeen The Buoys Painting