Janine Daddo Exhibition “Gallop” 2nd July

Janine Daddo Exhibition Gallop Invite With Border

Janine Daddo is set to excite and delight her avid followers and no doubt attract new admirers with her latest body of work. Titled “Gallop” these paintings are all about horses and the strong relationships that humans form with these incredible animals.

In her bold, energetic and colourful style Janine Daddo continues to produce artworks that make us smile, awakening memories that are often long ago forgotten, moments either dreamed or experienced.

When I was a child I viewed these seemingly untamed creatures thru eyes of awe. Some fear, some reserve but always with respect. It was only when my own child grew a passionate love for these magnificent animals that my eyes were opened to the incredible gift they share with so many.

To watch as they grace the ground with the beauty of a ballerina or gallop with abandoned freedom and swoon in the gentle caress of their human friend … So passionate …. So powerful …. So inspiring! The magic bond between horse and man gives us wings and fills our hearts with the joy of just being. Ride on X o X

Janine Daddo

Janine Daddo EXHIBITION “GALLOP” is showing from SATURDAY 2nd JULY 2016

Gallery of Exhibition Artworks

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