Unique contemporary timber DISPLAY CABINETS using Western Australian hardwoods, are custom made by award winning JahRoc Fine Furniture, Est.1987, Perth WA. Choose an existing Marri or Jarrah Display Cabinet design below (you can request different timber or vary the size) or commission JahRoc to custom make a bespoke Display Cabinet to your own size and design requirement. JahRoc Furniture offer a leading edge for unique Display Cabinet designs and impeccable workmanship, and deliver a lifetime structural guarantee with each piece.

Timber Display Cabinets of exceptional quality and unique design…. Enjoy living with Designer Furniture.

$18,600.00 incl. GST
$12,100.00 incl. GST
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$13,800.00 incl. GST

Display Cabinets

Apollo Display Cabinet

$4,600.00 incl. GST
$8,360.00 incl. GST

Display Cabinets

Canopy Display Cabinet

$18,100.00 incl. GST