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Emily Jackson Artist

EMILY JACKSON paintings for sale. Margaret River Artist Emily Jackson draws inspiration from the local flora and fauna and uses a variety of mediums and methods to document it. Her very intricate drawings are so delicate and patiently executed using a Drypoint Etching technique. Emily has completed art studied in the UK and Margaret River and also runs a successful Graphic Design business.

Through my artwork I portray the natural world of Western Australia. My art pays tribute to, and celebrates the living world that nurtures my creativity. This world sustains my creative impulse, it imbues me with joy and I feel very much part of it, not separate, but intimately connected. My art is about this connection. The abstract visual landscapes of my work are location, date and time specific. They capture the living mood of the place, a vignette, a moment in time and place. The aim is to bring the viewer into that moment, place, with all its wonderful nuances, light, plants, animals, landscape – to feel that place, a memory hidden in consciousness.



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