The Block Jarrah Kitchen Work Bench



The Block KWB– “The Block” design is a ‘tip of the hat’ to the early inspiration I gained from well known Margaret River timber craftsman Geoff Juniper. My parents bought furniture from Geoff back in the 70’s and I have always loved his simple lines and uncomplicated use of materials. “The Block” kitchen work bench came about purely because we had been making the same style of work bench for about 20 years and I figured it was time to come up with a contemporary slant on what has been a very popular utilitarian design of ours.
Back in about 2001 we purchased a large mount of 5 and 6 x 4 inch Jarrah struts from the old Merredin wheat bins. We have used it for our thick top Moondyne KWB since then but I really wanted to develop the use of this material further. It’s very hard to get dry 4 inch Jarrah these days so I wanted to show it at it’s full depth and create a Kitchen Block that says chop on me as much as you like!!! (of course we will still make our Moondyne KWB design as well)

Materials: Jarrah with hand forged steel
Size: 900L x 600W x 900H

Custom made to order. Price may vary. Contact us for a quote.


MPN: 7063


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