Boab Timber Dining Table



The Boab trees were a constant source of fascination for me while in the Kimberley. Even though they grow in proximity to one another they seemed so alone as forms in the landscape.The juxtaposition of their bulbous bodies against the geometry of the rocky outcrops in which they dwell drew me in to feel their tactile surface. From those moments I knew I had a Boab in me just waiting to get out.

I was commissioned by Mark Stothard to design and make furniture for his Kimberley inspired “True North Ashore” project this was the first piece I created. Having just returned at the time, from our trip to the Kimberley, I knew we had to make one for this Exhibition.

Materials: Salvaged Marri, Salvaged Jarrah
Size: 2700L x 1200W x 740H

Custom made to order. Price may vary. Contact us for a quote.

GTIN: 3281