DAVID BROMLEY exhibition of paintings and sculptures at JahRoc Galleries now on…

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David Bromley’s “EVERYDAY A SUNDAY” Exhibition is featuring at JahRoc Galleries now and includes Paintings, Surfboards, Bronze Sculptures, Embroideries, Quilts, Ceramics and more. Dont miss this opportunity to see a huge collection of works by David Bromley all in one room.

Opening: Easter Saturday 30th March 2013

Well known Australian collectable Artist David Bromley has a recognizable style that art lovers are enjoying more and more.

Gallery of Exhibition Artworks


Childrens Series

“I work everyday and every night. Its the glue that holds my life together. 

I figure there is not much time in a life and there is a lot to get out.”


Bird Animal Series

Despite so many things pointing at the insanity that the modern world is, I choose to be optimistic. And the narratives of my work are too.

One of the most important things, or one of the most important statements and energies that needs to be portrayed is hope. Hope that there is meaning. The jaded youth of today needs to know and believe in beauty and wonder. They need to learn to dream.


Imagination Series

Small works on linen

Small embroideries

Bronze Sculptures



Also in the show but not photographed or shown on website…

Quilts – various
Bromley Ceramics – Cups, Plates, Bowls

WOW – this is one amazing show – don’t miss it!!


David Bromley Portrait 1

Who Is David Bromley?

Born in Sheffield, England in 1960, David Bromley immigrated to Australia at the age of four. The self taught artist became recognised in his early twenties exhibiting throughout Australia. Since then he has emerged as one of the most recognisable and innovative painters in Australia. His influences although rooted in the 1950’s culture – are as distinct as his styles.

Over the past 20 years Bromley’s work has fostered widespread acclaim and notoriety in Australia and internationally. He has exhibited on nearly every continent including Asia, Europe, Africa and America and has been a finalist in the prestigious Archibald prize six times. Bromley’s work maintains a Universal appeal by tapping into the collective memory of youth and the wonder of the human existence.

David Bromley on living and working in Byron Bay NSW…

I know people who know me well and know my difficulty in sitting still or relaxing still expect me to be sitting on the beach/surfing, “chilling out ” and getting into the lay back culture of Byron. One of the reasons I’m in the country is so I can breathe fresh air, live healthily and not be fighting traffic, dealing with parking hassles and pollution. The result means I have more time and more energy to work

As a person who has lived and exhibited a lot in regional areas, I feel that it is important to utilise the freedom and the fresh air for your soul and your spirit to bring as much energy to your art. Its not just regional art, its art art


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