Astrid Dahl & Margaret Heenan – Exhibition Opening Speeches

Earths Poetry Exhibition Opening Night 4

Both Astrid Dahl and Margaret Heenan gave some wonderful in-site into the making of their artworks, answering questions from the crowd and keeping us all entertained on the opening night of their collaborative exhibition called “Earth’s Poetry” on 27th September. Their opening speeches were well received and the crowd came away enlightened by the complexity of the making of Art Glass by Margaret Heenan, and the application of texture and layers of paint by Astrid Dahl.

The exhibition looked spectacular, with Paintings by Astrid Dahl and Art Glass by Margaret Heenan complimenting each other incredibly well. Vibrant colours, patterns and textures were a feast for the eyes and food for the soul.

Listen to both Artist’s Opening Speech Video below….

Astrid Dahl Opening Speech

Margaret Heenan Opening Speech

Exhibition Opening Night Photos…..

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