Yuko Takahashi sculpture for sale. Yuko Takahashi was born and raised in Japan where she completed a Law degree. After immigrating to Perth in 2005, Yuko studied graphic design and worked in this field for many years until a passion for making sculptures became her full time direction. Working mostly in the medium of bronze, Yuko draws inspiration from her childhood memories in Japan as well as the unique nature that she has embraced in Australia. Her usual approach is small to medium scale bronze sculptures, but she also creates larger more abstracted works for exhibitions including Sculptures By The Sea, and Melville Sculpture Walk where she won first prize in 2016.

Yuko Takahashi - Artist Biography

Yuko Takahashi – Let Me Join You (Cat & Pigeons) –  Bronze Sculpture – original Australian sculpture for sale at JahRoc Art Galleries, Margaret River, South West Perth WA

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