Narelle Pendlebury paintings for sale. Narelle Pendlebury is an established Western Australian artist who has developed a unique and recognisable style by fusing many different mediums and processes together to create highly worked jewel like paintings. Her journey began by studying Fine Arts in 1980, then Secondary Teaching in Art, and has worked as an Art Educator till present whilst also exhibiting as a professional artist. Her experience with a wide variety of art techniques has seen Narelle Pendlebury’s paintings naturally evolve, with the layering of different materials being an integral thread in her work. She draws inspiration from her personal experiences of living in a wonderful coastal environment, by observing the land and seascape, wind, water and waves. Her figurative works are associated with the notion of travelling and journeying and the role of dream and memory in our experiences.

Narelle Pendlebury – Up Close & Personal

Narelle Pendlebury – Artist Biography

I am an established Western Australian artist with a background in Fine Arts and Art Education, and have been exhibiting as a professional artist for over 20 years within Western Australia and interstate. My work is represented by several galleries within WA, and is held in many corporate and private collections throughout Australia and overseas.

I have worked in many mediums and have developed a practice which fuses and extends the processes and disciplines of drawing, printmaking, painting and textiles, with an emphasis on the interplay of surface, material and texture. An integral part of my work is the concept and activity of layering. Dyed, printed and painted materials, often transparent and translucent, are stitched and embellished with embossed shims and printed surfaces. Acrylic and oil media are then subtly layered over these pieces to create highly worked and jewel-like surfaces.

Many of my landscape based abstract works explore the themes of land, sea and sky from multiple perspectives – horizontally and topographically to reflect the nature of the natural environment and our experience and perceptions of it, as well through the exploration of the layers of pattern imprinted upon the earth, seabed and ocean surface. In some of these works, navigational maps of the local Western Australian coastline are used as a base to work from. These are worked into using extensive layers of dyed and printed materials, as well as acrylic and oil mediums to produce a richly textured surface, but with an emphasis on the transparency of layers, and a unifying pattern. Graphic symbols included reference those used in maps and navigational aids such as GPS, and sometimes the image is gridded in a similar way to that which appears on satellite imagery such as google earth.

Small works representing imagery of the Perth CBD with a focus on the patterning and layering of the architectural and natural environment has allowed an exploration of a very different colour palette reflecting the diffusion of the artificial vibrant lighting within the night urban environment. Again, the subtle transparence and layering encourages the viewer to become immersed in the ‘sense of place’ evoked within the image.
1980-80    Completed 3 semesters of BA Fine Arts W.A.I.T. Major: painting Minor: Printmaking

1984-86    Diploma of Teaching (Distinction) -Secondary Art W.A.C.A.E. (E.C.U) Major: Painting Minor: Textiles

1984    Perth Technical College -Diploma in Art (part-time) Units in; Printmaking, Art Studio and Business Practice, Drawing

1988    Edith Cowan University Painting Units – Bachelor of Education (part-time)

1987-1988    Head or Art Department – Sacred Heart College, Sorrento

1999 – on    Casual relief teaching – Secondary Art
1979    Miss Tothill’s year 12 Art Award – St Mary’s Anglican Girls School

1999    Brunswick Agricultural Society Art Exhibition Sponsors Choice Award
1985    Craft Arts Journal – Textiles

2001    Homes and Living Magazine – Ceramics
1984    Perth Technical College Printmaking Exhibition

1985    Craft Council of Western Australia

1996    South Perth Art Fiesta

1997    Waratah Red Cross Exhibition, Dalkeith

1998    Salec Minc Art Exhibition, Mount Lawley

Waratah Red Cross Exhibition, Dalkeith

1999    Brunswick Agricultural Society Art Show

Salec Minc Art Exhibition, Mount Lawley

Waratah Red Cross Exhibition, Dalkeith

2000    ‘Art In The Park’, King’s Park, Perth

‘Art At Aranmore’, Aranmore College, Leederville.

Waratah Red Cross Art Exhibition, Dalkeith

Salec Minc Exhibition, Mount Lawley

Brunswick Agricultural Art Show

2001    ‘Art At Aranmore’, Aranmore College, Leederville

Salec Minc Exhibition, Mount Lawley

2002    Artcenta’, Newman College, Churchlands

‘Art of Humanity’, Red Cross Exhibition, University of WA

Salec Minc Exhibition, Mount Lawley

‘Family Ties’, Christchurch Grammar School, Claremont

Gallery 360, Subiaco – Feature Artist for December

2003    ‘The Life, The Land, The People’, Mosman Park Art

‘Artcenta’, Newman College, Churchlands

Salec Minc Art Exhibition, Mount Lawley

Gallery 360, Mount Lawley – Feature Artist for June, December

Town of Cambridge Art Awards, Floreat

‘Celebrations’, MLC Art Exhbition, Claremont

St Hilda’s Art Show, Mosman Park

‘Fine Art At Hale’, Hale School, Wembley Downs

‘The Art Show’, Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne

Trinity College Inaugural Art Exhibition, East Perth

Guildford Grammar Art Show, Guildford

2004    Gallery 360, Subiaco – Feature Artist for February

Town of Cambridge Art Awards, Floreat

‘Art Divine’, Anglican Parish of St Nicolas, Carine

Mindarie Art Awards, Mindarie

Gallery 360, Applecross – Feature Artist for July

‘Fine Art At Hale’, Hale School, Wembley Downs

‘The Art Show’, Swanbourne Barracks, Swanbourne

2005    ‘Artitude”- Perth Convention Centre

‘Stop The Cane Toad’, Challen and Rafferty

‘The Art Show’, Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne

Trinity Art Exhibition, East Perth

‘Fine Art At Hale, Hale School, Wembley Downs

2006    Gallery 360, Joondalup-Feature artist for January

Art at PC, Perth College, Mt Lawley

Fine Art at Hale, Hale School, Wembley Downs

Guildford Grammar Art Exhibition, Guildford

‘Artitude’, Perth Convention Centre
2000    ‘Rhythm In Chaos’, 4 person exhibition, Moores Building, Fremantle

2004    ‘The Journey’, Gallery 360, Mount Lawley

2004    ‘Battle Of The Sexes’, Gallery 360, Subiaco

2006    ‘Life’s a Beach’, Gallery 360, Subiaco
2004    “Transparence” Gallows Gallery, Mosman Park

2005     “New Layers” LK Galleries, Subiaco

2006      “Embellish” Susion Fine Arts, Dolphin Marina, Mandurah

2007      “Dreams and Destinations” LK Galleries, Subiaco

2011      “Coastal Connections” Fusion Fine Arts, Mandurah

2017       ‘Luminescence’ Gallows Gallery, Mosman Park

2018       “A Sense Of Place”  Linton and Kay, Mandoon Estate, Perth
Dome Restaurant, Claremont WA – Ceramic Tile Wall Mural
WA Marble and Granite – Paintings
Medical Specialist Suites, West Perth – Paintings
Private commissions for paintings, ceramics, mosaics, murals
Aranmore College Art Department
Medical Specialist Suites, Perth.
Legal Offices, Bar Chambers, Perth.
Notre Dame University, Fremantle
Summit Homes, Perth
Newman Senior College, Churchlands
St John of God Hospital, Subiaco
Private collections in WA, Interstate, Switzerland, Dubai, Singapore, France,UK
JahRoc Galleries, Margaret River, Western Australia

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Coast to Coast

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    Narelle Pendlebury – Island Horizon

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Broome Blues

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Purple Night

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – City Grid

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Cockburn Shallows

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Aqua Night

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Council House Margarita

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Cape to Cape Aqua

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Clear Blue

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Earthen Grid II

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Striation

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Golden Sand

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Blue Beyond

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Emerald Curves

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Pthalo Flow

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Construction Quayside 1

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Copper Shore

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Magenta Gold

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Cockburn Blue

  • Narelle Pendlebury – Freo West

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Shark Bay

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Marmion Shallows

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  • Narelle Pendlebury – Aqua Immersion 3

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