KATHARINA MEISTER artwork for sale. German born artist Katharina Meister is portraying important environmental messages through her artwork. She is passionately interested in the relationship between the natural landscape and man, the consequences of climate change, and the human behaviour in recognizing the need to make conscious changes. Since 2010 Katharina has developed 5 series of artworks that look at the topic of manmade climate change from different angles. Her current 2017 series “Minus Two Point Eight Degrees” explores the arctic region and the contradictory groups interested in it, one for it’s economic potential if the ice melts verses the other that recognise it as a sign to make changes. In this world full of self importance, Katharina Meister believes each individual needs to see themselves as part of nature as a whole and recognise that they can only exist within this whole.


  • Katharina Meister – Sketch To Inverted

    $1,900.00 Purchase
  • Katharina Meister – Flying Houses

    $2,000.00 Purchase


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