Jon Denaro – Sculpture and Paintings for sale. Western Australian Sculptor and Painter Jon Denaro creates contemporary metal sculptures often finding inspiration in found objects that play an intricate part in the story of the resulting piece of art. Enjoying the hands on process of making, Jon Denaro’s sculptures maintain a unique individuality, they look “hand made” and non reproducible, opposing the streamlining that technology offers. Jon’s artworks are primarily sculptural, with the occasional abstract painting created to sit in balance with a chosen sculpture. The dynamic result is a play of objects, shapes, colour, a glimpse of recognisable verses abstract, 3D sculpture verses wall art, and Jon Denaro asks the viewer to contemplate the empty space between.

Jon Denaro – Up Close & Personal

  • Jon Denaro – Anemometer

    $6,000.00 Purchase
  • Jon Denaro – Hydrodynamic DaVinci Dream 1

    $3,600.00 Purchase
  • Jon Denaro – Lazy Realisations Over Primordial Habits

    $1,400.00 Purchase
  • Jon Denaro – Meaningfully Significant

    $4,000.00 Purchase
  • Jon Denaro – Alveoli Pump Action

    $7,000.00 Purchase
  • Jon Denaro – Conditionally Accepted Repair

    $2,000.00 Purchase
  • Jon Denaro – Wheatbix and Kerosene

    $4,000.00 Purchase
  • Jon Denaro – Victory Mansions

    $7,000.00 Purchase


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