Felicia Aroney paintings for sale. Contemporary painter Felicia Aroney is a well celebrated artist who is represented by 7 major galleries Australia wide, she was a finalist in the high profile Mosman Art Fair Prize, and has a long list of solo and mixed exhibitions under her belt. Felicia Aroney’s distinctive style draws inspiration from her European heritage, Australian botanicals and bird life, together with her love of texture and colour. She uses a palette knife to layer and shape the acrylic paint, switching to fine brushwork in oils when detail is needed and achieves a highly sculptural effect on the canvas. Originally from Perth WA, Felicia now resides in NSW.

View – Felicia Aroney “IN SEASON” exhibition April 2019

Felicia Aroney – Up Close & Personal

Felicia Aroney – Artist Biography

Felicia Aroney is a professional artist with representation in seven major Australian Galleries. She has enjoyed sell out shows in both the Hong Kong and Singapore Art fairs. In 2014 and 2017 Felicia Aroney was involved in a joint project with Make-up Guru Napoleon Perdis, in which her work was used on make-up bags selling in Australia and the USA. She has had several magazines publish her work and successes. In July 2014 Felicia was announced as a Finalist in the well-acclaimed Mosman Art Fair Prize, also the Hornsby Art Prize.

Felicia Aroney’s work is a combination of influences both from her Australian and Greek background. She uses a palette knife and layers the paint to imitate aged European Buildings, whilst her subject matter is clearly a reflection of her Australian surrounds.

Combining a feeling of antiquity akin to aged historic buildings and the great Australian environment, Felicia creates richly textured and unique paintings. In addition, the beautiful Australian garden birds are often incorporated in her work giving them a gentle beauty. Using a palette knife Felicia applies thick layers of acrylic paint that dance and curl off the canvas. Whilst using this tactile and abstract technique, her finer detail is painted with the delicate use of brush and oils. This combined method create a recognizable and distinctive style.
2017     Mandoon Estate, Linton and Kay Gallery WA Sept – Oct
2017     Cape Lodge Hotel, JahRoc Galleries Margaret River WA Sept- Dec
2017     Art 2Muse Gallery NSW November
2016     Art2Muse Gallery NSW May / June
2015     Art2Muse Gallery NSW April
2014     Napoleon Perdis Lifestyle Store NSW January
2014     Napoleon Perdis Lifestyle store VIC Feb/ March
2014     Gadfly Gallery WA May
2014     Milk Factory Gallery NSW Nov
2014     Sydney Childrens Hospital NSW Dec / Jan
2013     Girls with Gems store NSW
2013     Balmain Art Fair (feature artist)
2013     Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2013     Tusk Gallery VIC
2012     Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2011     Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2017     “Directors choice Exhibition” 19 Karen Gallery QLD July-Sept
2017     Purple Noon Gallery NSW July
2017     Milk Factory gallery NSW April
2016     Art2Muse Gallery NSW (Xmas show 2016 – 2017)
​2016     Milk Factory Gallery Summer Exhibition (2016-2017)
2016     Paperpear Gallery Wagga Wagga NSW
2016     Brisbane Modern Art Gallery QLD July
2016     Group Show “360 Gallery” Florence, Italy Dec / Jan 2017
2015     Linton & Kay Gallery WA end of year show
2015     Art2Muse Gallery NSW ‘End of year show” Dec/ Jan 2016
2015     Balmain Art Fair NSW
2015     St Thomas Art Fair NSW
2015     Tusk Gallery VIC Group October 2015
2015     Brisbane Modern Art Gallery QLD
2014     Works exhibited at JahRoc Gallery WA
2014     Retrospect Gallery Byron Bay NSW
2014     Gadfly Gallery WA
2014     Tusk Gallery VIC
2014     Milk Factory Gallery NSW “Magpie exhibit”
2014     Art2Muse Gallery NSW Dec / Jan
2014     St Thomas art Fair NSW
2014     Lindfield Art fair NSW
2014     Canterbury Art fair VIC
2014     Balmain Art fair NSW
2013     Chapman and Bailey Gallery VIC
2013     Walker St Gallery
2013     Parliament House NSW
2013     Milk Factory Gallery NSW
2013     Lindfield Art Fair NSW
2013     Waverley Art Prize NSW
2013     Cam Art VIC
2013     Australian Art Show Melbourne VIC
2013     Kings Art Fair NSW
2013     Australian Art Show Sydney
2013     Balmain Art Fair NSW
2013     Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012     Chapman and Bailey Gallery VIC
2012     Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012     Milk Factory Gallery NSW
2012     Balmain Art Fair NSW
2012     Sydney Art Expo NSW
2012     Tusk Gallery VIC
2012     Graphic Impressions Gallery VIC
2012     Art Melbourne VIC
2012     Greek Art Exhibition Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2012     Sydney art Month NSW
2012     Brunswick Gallery VIC
2011     Art2Muse Gallery NSW
2011     Tanjent Gallery SA
2011     Tusk Gallery VIC
2011     Art Melbourne VIC
2011     Art Sydney NSW
2010     Art Melbourne VIC
2010     Art Sydney NSW
2009     Art Sydney NSW
2009     Portsea Gallery VIC
2009     Manyung Gallery VIC
2017     Design on national Napoleon Perdis promotion.
2016     Hong Kong Asia International Art Fair March
2016     Singapore Art Fair April
2016     Hong Kong AAF May
2016     Gallery 360 group show Florence Italy Dec/ Jan 2017
2015     Guest Speaker Queen Victoria Buliding NSW (fundraiser)
2015     Asia Contempotay Hong Kong
2015     Hong Kong AAF International
2015     Seoul AFF International
2014     Mosman Art Prize Finalist
2014     Hong Kong Contemporary Art Fair
2014     Singapore Contemporary Art Fair
2014     Joint project with Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics (Australia and USA)
2014     Roving exhibition with Napoleon Perdis
2014     Solo Exhibition Sydney Childrens Hospital NSW
2013     Invitation to exhibit at NSW Parliament House
2013     Waverley Art Prize Finalist
2013     Balmain Art Fair feature artist
2013     Walker St Gallery VIC Finalist

Felicia donates to several charity events a year
Australia, Asia and USA
​2017     August Featured in Aust House and Garden Magazine
2017     Feature story “Vanilla Magazine”
2017     Article featured “Neos Kosmos” magazine.
​2017     Art Edit magazine
2015     Article on Felicia on “Two quirky birds” website.
2015     Art/ Edit Magazine Jan-Mar 2015. One page article “Editors choice”
2014     Featured in Australian “belle” Magazine May edition
2014     Neos Kosmos Newspaper and magazine (2 page article on Felicia)
2014     The West Australian 10/5/14 (Article on Felicia at Gadfly Gallery WA)
2014     “An Australian Wintour” article on Felicia (Megan Aney Article)
2014     The New York Times USA 13/2/14
2014     Article on Felicia Aroney; Sydney Sun Herald 9/2/14
2014     Article on Felicia Aroney; Age Newspaper VIC 8/2/14
2014     Pages Article on Felicia (lifestyle)
2014     Trova Article on Felicia(Instagram)
2014     Urban List Article on Felicia(Instagram)
2014     Ok Magazine Article on Felicia(Instagram)
2014     Michael Brown Article on Felicia(Instagram)
2014     Myers and David Jones catalogues AUS
2014     Napoleon Concept store USA editorial
2014     Media launch Napoleon Lifestyle NSW
2014     Australia InStyle Magazine February edition
2014     Moda De La Mode Magazine Australia
2013     Moda De La Mode Magazine Australia
2013     Balmain Local Magazine NSW
2013     Wentworth Courier Magazine NSW
2013     Sydney Morning Herald NSW
2013     Australian Art Collector Magazine
2013     Sydney Australian Art Fair media
2012     “OPAH” Magazine Australia (3 page article)
2012     Art Month NSW media

  • Felicia Aroney – Memory Lane

    $6,800.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Moonlight Forrest

    $7,600.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Pink Forrest

    $5,600.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Festive

    $6,200.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Winter Blossoms

    $6,800.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Victoria Blossoms

    $6,800.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Sweet Magnolia

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  • Felicia Aroney – Lilly Pillys

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  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Fairy Wren

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  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Fresh Florals

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  • Felicia Aroney – Zealous

    $6,600.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Florence

    $4,850.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Frosty Pink

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  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Oxford

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  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Brisk

    SOLD Read more
  • Felicia Aroney – Ethereal

    $1,800.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Perfect Pear

    $1,800.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Resting Pear

    $1,800.00 Purchase
  • Felicia Aroney – Fiorella

    $4,800.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Blanche

    SOLD Read more
  • Felicia Aroney – White Gardenias

    $5,500.00 Purchase
  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Kindred

    SOLD Read more
  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Sand

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  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Montauk

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  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Magnolias in Bloom

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  • Out of stock

    Felicia Aroney – Blush Magnolias

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