Bruce Earles paintings for sale. Acclaimed Melbourne Artist Bruce Earles brings the combination of landscape, seascape, aerial views, and the busyness of a city scape together with the naturalness of wildlife, trees and the water and the leisure activities these give. Full of colour, energy and fun these oil on canvas works leave room for individual interpretation.

Bruce Earles – Artist Biography

This series of works has developed out of previously explored concepts such as anonymity, urban existence and harmony that can exist between industry and leisure. These expanded images maintain the subject matter of human development and natural surroundings. Work and fun are still presented but humans no longer dominate whereas animals, birds and plants begin to permeate the compositions. As the images have expanded, the spaces between have diminished leaving birds, fish, ships and planes to protrude beyond the boundaries of the canvas. Each image demands its own space interlocking with others in an interrelated composition. The multi angle viewpoint has allowed free expression of images within the space. The strength of colour and tones combined with the diversity of line complements the various textures. A move away from opacity to a more expanded use of transparencies has allowed the medium of oil paint to maximize its effect. Rather than analyse and synthesise the landscape these works are based on interpretation and expression.
2002     Doctor of Creative Arts, University of Western Sydney

1998     Master of Arts, University of Western Sydney

1996     Master of Educational Studies, Monash University

1989     Graduate Diploma in Special Education, Melbourne University

1979     Graduate Diploma in Art Education, Monash University

1973     Diploma of Teaching, Monash University

1953     Born, Melbourne, Australia
2013     Art Images Gallery, Adelaide

2012     Soho Gallery Sydney Red Sea Gallery, Brisbane
Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney
Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth
Soho Gallery, Sydney
2011     Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth
Soho Gallery, Sydney
2010     Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth
Artistry/Hogan Galleries Melbourne
2009     Artistry Galleries, Melbourne
Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney
Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth
2008     Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
Schubert’s Contemporary, Gold Coast
Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney
Artistry Galleries, Melbourne
Linton and Kay Contemporary, Perth
2007     Artistry Galleries, Melbourne
House of Phillips Fine Art, Sydney
Paul Gullotti Gallery, Perth
2006     Paul Gullotti Gallery, Perth
Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2005     Qdos Gallery, Lorne

2000-05     Goya Galleries, Melbourne

2000-01    Dagmar Art Consultants, Melbourne

1999     Maling Gallery, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney

1998     YZ Gallery, University of Western Sydney 1992 Hogan Gallery, Melbourne

1991     Maska Gallery, Pioneer Square, Seattle

1985     Central Park New York

1983-86   Roar Studios, Melbourne

1982     Chrysalis Gallery, Port Melbourne
2012     Art Singapore
Red Sea Gallery, Brisbane
Art Melbourne
Trevor Victor Harvey Gallery, Sydney
Manyung Gallery, Melbourne
Without Pier Gallery Melbourne
2011     Cricket Art, Sydney, Melbourne
Red Sea Gallery, Brisbane
Artistry Gallery, Melbourne
Metropolis Gallery, Geelong
2010     Trevor Victor Harvey, Sydney

2009     Art Melbourne

2008     Star Gallery, Chicago

2007     Goya Galleries International, New York
Shanghai Art Fair
Ho Gallery, Melbourne
Art International Associates, New York
Australian International Pavilion, Beijing, China
2006     Art Images Gallery, Adelaide Shanghai, China

2005     Beijing, China

2000-06   Art Fairs – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

2000-05   Goya Galleries, Melbourne

2004-06   Manyung Gallery, Mount Eliza, Melbourne

2005     Tsunami Appeal, Hogan Gallery, Melbourne

2002     Melbourne Contemporary Art Fair

2001     Penrith Regional Gallery, Sydney

2000     Williamstown Contemporary Arts Fair Melbourne

1999     Goya Galleries Melbourne

1993     Australian Contemporary Art Fair

1992     Ten Years After, Roar Studios, Melbourne

1991     Aurora Gallery Anchorage Alaska

1987     Emerging Collector, East Village, New York

1983-86   Now Gallery New York
Gallery 212, Waseda, Tokyo
The Fight Shinjuku Tokyo Roar Studios, Melbourne

2001     Research Grants, University of Western Sydney

2001     University of Western Sydney, Top Up Award

2000     Pollock Krasner Award, Pollock Krasner Foundation, New York

1999, 2000   Artist in Residence, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

1995     Australian Post Graduate Award

1992     Art and About Fitzroy, Melbourne Herald Sun

1979     Flinders Art Award, Melbourne
National Australia Bank
St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
University of Western Sydney
Monash University
Midwaters Warwickshire England

  • Bruce Earles – Blue Day

    $4,800.00 Purchase
  • Bruce Earles – Edgewater Play

    $4,800.00 Purchase
  • Bruce Earles – Leisure Inlet

    $11,800.00 Purchase


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