Brian Borshoff sculpture for sale. Highly energetic and creative from a young age, Brian Borshoff’s career in Architecture has honed his technical drawing skills and his visual design eye, whilst further experimentation in watercolour and acrylic painting has led to his current joy of sculpture. Currently inspired by Australian creatures, Brian works with clay to create the initial artwork, skilfully capturing the creature’s personality and individual character. His finished designs are then made using resin with iron powder, creating the look of a bronze, only lighter and allowing him to keep the character detail.
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Brian Borshoff - Artist Biography

Brian Borshoff has a degree in Architecture from the University of Western Australia.

To maintain direct creative input on the major architectural projects that he has been involved with over his career has seen Brian travel extensively and live in Muscat (the Sultanate of Oman), London, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and most recently Singapore.

This portfolio of international projects has led to an experience base that is anything but normal!

He …

Drove across the Sinai Desert for a project.

Was in partnership in a film production company with Frank Capra Junior.

Designed and developed an interactive laser game VECTOR.

Was Senior Vice President Business Development South East Asia for a Los Angeles company that grew out of Disney IWERKS ENTERTAINMENT.

Supervised the construction of a palace for the advisor to the Sultan of Oman.

Presented at a design symposium in Shanghai China for a Singapore based design company PICO.

Met with ex 60 minutes journalists in Mexico and Boston and a retired United States Air force Colonel in Nevada to research an exhibition project PHENOMENA.

Presented a project concept to Mark McCormack of International Management Group (IMG) in the Oak Room in their New York office.

Sat in the driver’s seat of the Russian space shuttle while designing and delivering the BURAN exhibition project. ]

Was a specialist consultant to the Sultan of Brunei for his Jerudong Park project.

Was sponsored in Malaysia by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir’s son – Merzon Mahathir.

Negotiated the sale and supply of specialist large format film projection equipment to the Defence Department of the Singapore Government.

Walked from Egypt into Israel overnight. For a project in the Middle east.

Travelled from the top of the Philippines to the Southern tip over 2 weeks for a project.

Lived in the Nile Hilton in Cairo while designing and building a night-club in the basement of the hotel.

Has eaten ant soup, birds’ heads, sea urchin, live lobster and deep fried scorpion in order to not offend clients.

Bathed in onsen deep in the forests of Japan. For a project

Sailed in pea soup fog overnight from England to France with failed navigation equipment.

Worked as the in-house designer to Malaysian billionaire Datu K.T. Lim of the Resorts World/Genting group.

Lived through a zero visibility landing in blinding rain and fog…in the dark… while trying to land on a private jet in Italy. For a project.

Lunched with Anwar Ibrahim and Datu K.T. Lim before Anwar Ibrahim was jailed in Kuala Lumpur by Dr Mahathir as he had aspirations of being a future Prime Minister.

Trekked from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and other high passes in Nepal and survived.

Celebrated in Kathmandu and contracted food poisoning and nearly didn’t survive!

  • Brian Borshoff – The Hare Is At Home II

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  • Brian Borshoff – Monitor Lizard Sculpture

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