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Josh Windram Artist

Josh Windram – Lithium

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Josh Windram Artist

Josh Windram – Wonderwall

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Josh Windram Artist Statement.

Many artists throughout history that have inspired me have had a dark past.

I too have a dark past.

For over a decade, my personal struggle with addiction led me to substance abuse, which had devastating consequences to myself and also to my family. Homeless and destitute I realised that my life was slipping away.

Just after my 40th birthday I found the strength and determination to change my life. I was fully aware of the massive challenge I had ahead of me, but nothing was going to deter me. I put myself into rehab to break the cycle and started my recovery with the full support of my family.

As my head started to clear, I developed an unbelievable desire to paint, quite ironic that it felt like one addiction led to another.

I have had no formal training as an artist, I draw on my life’s experiences, thoughts and feelings from those darkest moments.

Art has been antidotal to my recovery and has been a way to release my demons and better understand myself.

Over the last two years I have had intensive training with a professional artist learning the technical side of art, such as, the science of colour, composition, detail, texture and various techniques. All this has helped me develop a distinctive and unique style.

I name my paintings after songs that have inspired me along the way or songs that are significant at the time. Music is also a big part of my life.

My artwork is a reminder to me of what I would be missing out on had I decided not to change my life.

I now live in Vasse in the South West, WA and have set up my home studio, expanding on subject matter that is now drawn predominantly from nature.

I am loving life with my supportive partner, family, my dog Rothko and our farm animals.

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