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Who would have thought that over 20 years ago a couple of surfing mates, David Paris and Gary Bennett, would emerge as one of Western Australia’s most respected and influential furniture designer and maker teams.

Some would say it was due to blazing their own trail of design, drawing from no particular era but preferring to be influenced by thousands of years of design culminating in the 90’s and by being acutely aware of forms and textures that create their environment. Others might say it has been their commitment to using materials that others were treating as waste such as demolished bridges / warehouses / wool stores and fallen trees left discarded on the forest floor. Perhaps, it was the way in which they cleverly combine timber, stone and iron to create functional art that people often observe and utter “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like that before!”

Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that collectors from around Australia, and in fact the world have given JahRoc Furniture their stamp of approval by purchasing their work.

JahRoc Furniture is sold in their own gallery called JahRoc Galleries which is located in the main street of Margaret River down near the river with a beautiful Karri Forest as it’s backdrop. The gallery also exhibits Fine Art, Glass, Sculpture, Jewellery, Ceramic, and Fine Wood.

With Fine artists such as Larry Mitchell, Shaun Atkinson, David Bromley, Janine Daddo, Astrid Dahl, Shannon Hamilton, Becky Blair plus a stable to over 60 well known West Australian artists, JahRoc Galleries simply must be seen when visiting the South West Margaret River region.

JahRoc’s unique collaborative approach with leading artists offers the viewer an opportunity to observe a crossing of genres and through their expansive galleries, to visualize how pieces might work together in their own home.

JahRoc Galleries offers a comprehensive package and shipping service which means if you fall in love with something in their gallery, getting it home is a mere formality.

Visit JahRoc Galleries today and find our why all that do leave inspired.



Destination Art Gallery

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JahRoc Galleries co-director Gary Bennett can remember creating rustic coffee tables in his backyard as far back as 1987. It was here that the foundations for his highly successful furniture label, JahRoc Furniture, were also built. And when Gary teamed up with surfing mate/business partner David Paris, the duo soon recognised that the exquisitely crafted furniture they were making needed a proper home to be showcased. JahRoc Galleries was born. With the help of Gary and Dave’s wives Lara Bennett and Joanne Paris, in the past 27 years JahRoc has evolved into one of the largest and most diverse galleries in the South West of Australia, showcasing boutique solid timber furniture and Australian contemporary art.

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