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As with most artists, I hope to connect in some small way, to entertain, amuse, jolt, – give the ‘kaleidoscope viewer’ (through which every individual sees their life) a nudge.

Somehow I seem to be somewhat preoccupied both in life, and also images, with the perception of reality (whatever reality means).

I am always struck by the conviction with which people will strive to uphold and defend their particular version of it, mostly fuelled by a need for some sort of SOLID GROUND, cos its disconcerting, or downright bloody scary, to contemplate the alternative.

Solidity (or should I say certainty) is in my view, in very short supply.

We live in a paradox and I’m not alone in that view, (well not completely!) there was a Chinese gentleman Lao Tsu from around the 6th century BC who taught that ‘The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao’ …..see?

So be comforted in the knowledge that when it comes to the big questions, no matter what anybody BELIEVES the eternal truth is, they KNOW not one wit more than you do.

Which brings me to my paintings, Often narrative and somewhat realist in style (currently), all images I could comfortably title -‘Telling the Tao’, for within the images is the true, the eternal Tao……..and I can say that with absolute certainty!

John McIntosh.

JOHN McINTOSH (curriculum vitae)

A self taught artist, John McIntosh (tosh) has been one of Perth’s top Architectural Illustrators for almost 3 decades.But in that time has produced images in other creative areas, with fine art paintings exhibited at Alexander Galleries in the mid to late eighties, including a solo exhibition ‘Myth and Magic’ in 1984.

That time also saw the production and publishing of his first picture book ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’, which met with great success having sold over 200,000 copies, and is still popular and in print today.

The book was also adapted for television and ran as a children’s Christmas special for several years on the ABC. Since then there has been a further 15 illustrated picture books.

The late eighties saw the opening of ‘The Terrace Gallery’ Mandurah, in which he was a partner, painting and exhibiting in that gallery in the late eighties and early nineties.

During that time he also exhibited in the ‘Perth College Exhibition’, and the ‘Bunbury Catholic College Art Extraordinaire’, being invited to submit work for the ‘Selected Works Auction’ in 1990, and was selected the following year for acquisition by the college to be included in the college collection.

Demands of the commercial world has been fully occupying his energy since,but 2008 heralds a return to fine art full time.

Solo Exhibitions

  • LK GALLERIES, Perth – July 2009
  • LK GALLERIES, perth.- July 2008
  • Mazinod College exhibition – August 2008
  • JAHROC GALLERY, Margaret River – September 2008


  • Feature artist, BOX MAGAZINE (winter 08 edition)
  • STM MAGAZINE july 2, 2008
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