Viviana Maier Artist – Up Close & Personal

We are excited to be representing Viviana Maier and invite you to get to know the artist in our Up Close & Personal Q&A feature below.

Enjoy getting to know Viviana Maier

When did you first feel the desire to be artistic and realize you had talent?

I was a little artist since my childhood. I remember playing with mud and modelling shapes after a big summer rain back in Argentina.

Where did you learn your art?

I studied Ceramics at the Arts National University of Misiones, Argentina (4 years)

What inspires you the most?

What inspires me the most is Nature. I love observing its shapes, colours and texture, it is an endless source of beauty and inspiration.

What message are you sending to the viewer of your art?

I view clay as a moldable canvas and the tactile nature of clay adds another dimension that allows the viewer to enjoy and appreciate my passion for ceramics.

Describe your studio

My studio is my art world but used to be my husband shed (man cave). I was slowly taking over, increasing my area as I started to grow… but I left a small portion for his toolbox.

Describe your typical day of creating art

I start in the morning (after my kids left to go to school), I stop for lunch at midday and the continue until about 4pm. All days are different, sometimes I need to work on the pottery wheel and get creative, sometimes I need to prepare colours, new glazes or fire pieces. I noticed that the more creative times are also the busiest!

What mediums do you use and why?

Porcelain, because it such a pure material, it is strong and translucent.

What are you working on now?

I am preparing some new wall art for a coming exhibition.

What are your recent career achievements you feel proud of?

The very positive feedback received by the Art Galleries that are selling my work.

What do you love most about what you do?

I enjoy the freedom given by the work with Ceramics. I love the tactile nature of clay and how people respond and react when they pick up and hold a piece.

Where can you see yourself in 10 years time?

Creating more artwork and travelling. Looking for new landscapes as source of inspiration.

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