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Spend a moment to get to know new artists to the gallery, a sister collaboration Tahli & Chelle. Growing up in Perth, the sisters have a deep connection with our spectacular coastline and the perfect playground that our Indian Ocean gives. They capture a moment in time that almost every surfer is searching for, the moment inside a barrel or tube, that feeling that riding a perfect wave can give. Those moments that keep a surfer, bodysurfer, swimmer, ocean lover going back for more and more…

Enjoy Getting to know….Tahli & Chelle

When did you first feel the desire to be artistic and realise you had a talent?

Even as childen we were always creating art, but it was not until we moved to Sydney that we started to paint our memories of the beautiful West Coast water. Our paintings were appreciated by other people who loved their vibrant colour and texture and they wanted their own pieces for their beach houses & offices.

Where did you learn your art?

As children we took any art classes available, experimenting with different mediums. As adults it felt natural to paint.

What inspires you most?

How water and light can change in an instant. Being able to capture the emotion it evokes to see light filter through water and feel like you can dip your hand in.

What message are you sending to the viewer of your art?

Take each moment to appreciate the beauty of any expanse of water. A tranquil reef, lapping waves on a shore or the power of a large bombie wave. You want to jump in and explore the reef or run your hand along the inside of a tube.

Describe your studio…

An airy light filled space full of inspiration from photos, large shells and corals, situated a block from the ocean.

Describe your typical day of creating art…

We start with a coffee on the balcony smelling the fresh sea air. Then after a walk up Bondi Beach, watching the water sparkle and ripple and waves break, we pull out a blank canvas and lose ourselves in the beautiful aqua’s and turquiose.

What mediums do you use and why?

We use acrylic on canvas. The fast drying acrylic is great for humid Sydney and the choice of colour and textural feel is perfect.

What are you working on now?

Returning from a recent trip to Rottnest and Down South we are working a some beautiful coastal pieces. Breaks of Prevelly, Margaret River and aqua tubes over coral reef of Salmon Bay and Strickland Bay bombies, Rottnest.

What do you love most about what you do?

The excitement of a memory and blank canvas. Being completely immersed in the piece and seeing it come to life. Using colour and technique to transform a flat canvas to an almost 3 dimensional piece. Seeing the emotion it stirs in others as they remember their favourite surf break or beach.

Where can you see yourself in 10 years time?

We will be in our studio, overlooking a beautiful beach, finishing off our latest series, with people appreciating our work Australia wide.

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