Rowena Keall Walsh – Artist In Residence

Rowena Keall Walsh Path At Dusk Painting

Visit the gallery and watch ROWENA KEALL WALSH paint local landscape and seascape paintings.

Well known for her contemporary oil on canvas paintings of areas like the Busselton Jetty, Boranup Forrest, Augusta, Perth beaches and Western Australian flora.

Rowena spent her early teenage years living in Augusta which contributed to her love and respect of the environment which is expressed in her tranquil semi-abstracted landscapes.

Dates & Times

Artist in Residence at JahRoc Galleries 2017 –

Friday 28th April – 11am – 3pm
Saturday 29th April – 11am – 3pm
Sunday 30th April – 11am – 3pm

Take this unique opportunity to chat to Rowena Keall Walsh and find out about the technical expression she uses in her artworks.

A selection of paintings will be on show and for sale also.

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