Paul Scott

Paul Scott Trees Hamelin Bay 190x120cm 16600

PAUL SCOTT- Artist – Paintings

JahRoc Galleries are sad to let you know that Paul Scott tragically lost his life. His is sadly missed.

Artist Paul Scott was born in Tasmania, a place that has produced some of Australia’s finest landscape painters. He has been painting for over 35 years honing his technical skills to produce astonishing paintings that capture light, atmosphere and the aesthetic beauty of majestic scenery. Paul has spent many years in and around the Margaret River region painting the beauty of its oceans, wetlands and landscapes, and currently resides in Bali. He has exhibited throughout Australia and his work is held in collections in Australia and overseas.

Artist Statement:

My use of ocean, sky and landscape imagery is part of a wider investigation into the effects we associate with place and time, weather and light. The information I gather refers to the scientific and mathematical nature of reality. When choosing a composition it is factors like scale and perspective and the activities of nature, like how the waves break and clouds float and a successful portrayal of these issues that determine whether it will be possible for me to resolve the “illusion” and create the concept of scenery, in paint.

Dramatic light and weather effects are of great interest to us all. The contemplation of place and time and of light and atmospheric conditions has significant psychological as well as sentimental influence. Processing of all relevant information not only forms part of our immediate reality but also initiates memory and meaning in one of our primary intellectual functions, the constant analysis of the aesthetic of “beauty”. Beauty is an extremely complex and compelling human ideal, one that an artist can never avoid.

“Scientific and psychological realities” are linked through the irrefutable actions of colour and shape. The temperature of colours, the contrast of opposites, the jagged and aggressive and the contoured and harmonious shape are used by artists with remorseless vigour in the exploration of thought and existence. I have been painting for over 30 years and have work in Australia and overseas collections.

My technique is traditional oil painting on canvas emphasising a larger format, as I feel this to be advantageous in creating a sense of monumentality and depth, qualities I deem essential in any successful “realist” interpretation of majestic scenery and its inevitable psychological parallel.

I love the coast! I live on a farm in Yallingup, with friends in peace and harmony, gardening, helping with farm chores and playing music in between work and travel.

Curriculum Vitae

BORN – Tasmania 1956

  • 1981 Studies T.C.A.E, Newnham Campus, Launceston, Tasmania
  • 1983 Graduate Show, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Tasmania
  • 1984 – Solo Exhibition – Art Stretchers Gallery , Launceston, Tasmania
  • Group Exhibition – Cockatoo Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania
  • 1987 Solo Exhibition – Cockatoo Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania
  • 1987 – Touring Exhibition – “Fabrications” Recent Contemporary Art from Tasmania Chameleon Gallery, Hobart, Praxis Gallery, Perth, WA
  • 1988 “Landfall” Bicentenial Group Exhibition – Chameleon Gallery, Hobart, Tas.
  • 1988 Tasmania Arts Advisory Board – “Bicentenial Mural Project” St Helens, Tasmania. Represented by Dick Bett Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania
  • 1992 Stojanofski Sculpture Award – Stanley Arts Festival, Tasmania
  • 1993 – “Big Picture Show” Group Exhibition – Long Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania
  • “Coast to Coast” – Lands Department Gallery, Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
  • Burnie Regional Library, Burnie, Tasmania
  • Hobart Marine Board Prize – Stanley Arts Festival, Stanley, Tasmania
  • “Electica”, Group Exhibition – Charmers Church, Launceston, Tasmania
  • 1994 “Dame Edna (regrets she is unable to attend)” Satire in Australian Sculpture, Touring Exhibition. Devonport Regional Gallery, Devenport, Tasmani
  • 1995 Represented by Despard Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania
  • 1996 – Represented by Gomboc Gallery, Perth, WA
  • Lecturing Art History/Theory, Kalgoorlie Art School,WA
  • Represented by Yallingup Gallery, Yallingup, WA
  • Represented by Gallery 101, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 1997 Central Highlands Art Award, Central Highlands Council, Bothwell, Tas
  • 1998 Solo Exhibition Ambrose Building, Smithton, Tasmania
  • 2000 Represented by Stanley Art Works, Stanley, Tasmania
  • 2001 Represented by Gallery Delemer, Stanley, Tasmania
  • 2003 Represented by Wentworth Galleries, Sydney, NSW
  • Exhibited : Mosman Art Prize – Mosman City Gallery, Sydney, NSW
  • Represented by Artifakt Gallery, Deloraine, Tasmania
  • 2005 – “Natures Light”, joint exhibition – JahRoc Galleries, Margaret River, WA
  • Represented by JahRoc Galleries, Margaret River, WA
  • 2006 – “In the Moment” solo exhibition JahRoc Galleries, Margaret River, WA