MITCHELL RAE – surfboards and art at JahRoc – March 2013

Mitchell Rae is one of the world’s leading surfboard shapers, who also paints incredible scenes of the ocean and the surf – his artworks are inspired from his passion for surfing and travelling.

Mitchell Rae’s paintings capture the moment that is being a surfer.

“I am inspired by nature. I grew up surfing and around the ocean, it’s the force that has shaped my life.

I love the intense light and shimmering colour on the water, the mysterious dark depths, and the sparkling light dancing on the surface.

I like to work in a variety of media: photography, drawing, airbrush, hand painting in watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil.

I’ve been exploring a diversity of styles and technique.

Presently I am looking to par the image down to its primal elements, distilling it to the essence, keeping it raw and expressive.

I’m keeping a raw edge to my work… my feeling is that if you want photo realism, reach for your camera!

I like to work out doors, ‘en plein air’ when time allows, capturing the essence of a place, often in small gouaches.

 When planning a painting, I usually have a vision in mind. I get great satisfaction when I can develop it and make it work.

For me painting is a form of meditation… entering a timeless space far from the daily reality…

I like to think of images as portals, a departure point you can gaze through and let the mind wander…”

Mitchell Rae 2013

Join us at JahRoc Galleries and meet Mitchell Rae, hear him talk about his surfboards and artworks in an intimate group setting. Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine and celebrate the coming together of surf and art.


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