Mick Jarrah Coffee Table – In The Making

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From the raw timber to the finished product, see Gary Bennett of JahRoc Furniture put together the “Mick” Coffee table. Listen to him talk about the inspiration behind this piece, and if you havent guessed why it is called “Mick” just think of The Rolling Stones and Mick Jagger’s iconic tongue!!

The Raw Timber

Gary Bennett worked with the beauty that this unique Jarrah Skin had to offer, and wanted to make a simple statement offering a functional piece of furniture whilst keeping the integrity of this single slab of Jarrah.

[st_divider_text position=”center” class=”divider” text=”Gary Bennett talks about the finished table” style=”bold”]

Gary Bennett talks about the finished table

[st_divider_text position=”center” class=”divider” text=”The finished coffee table..” style=”bold”]

The finished coffee table..

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